Monday, October 25, 2010

A total uproar in the college football ranks.

  Last weekend was a great weekend for college football.  As we all know by now I'm a HUGE college football fan.  I have season tickets to an underachiever football program in the heart of the midwest.  Yes my friends we lose and yes my friends we lose alot.  Thats ok in my book!  Wanna know why?  Because I love college football!
   This last weekend we had some pretty good matchups.  #1 Oklahoma vs. Missouri.  #17 Wisconsin vs. #18 Iowa, Iowa State vs. #22 Texas.  All games are going to be good.  Mizzou knocks off the #1 team in the nation on national t.v. making the world go crazy!  Wisconsin takes care of Iowa in Iowa City in a certain ESPN Classic game.  Then we come to Texas.  The #22 ranked Texas Longhorns are favored by 21 points over the lowly Iowa State Cyclones.  ISU has been beaten the last two games by Utah and Oklahoma by the score of 120 to 27.  It's not like ISU sucks or anything.  It's just that they are in the second year of the new head coach Paul Rhodes and his style of play.  Give him 4 years and see where he's going.  Till then, leave him the hell alone.
  I have to work all day Saturday but I'm keeping track of the Hawk game.  I'm noticing how it's going back and forth all day long.  I finally get off of work and get home to see the last 4 minutes of the game.  Iowa's got the ball and driving.  Taking time off of the clock like they should be.  Ricky Stanzi is looking fantastic in leading his team.  They get to the 40 yard line with 16 seconds to go and are about to spike the ball to stop the clock.  BUT NO!  Head Coach Kirk Ferentz calls time out.
   With time called at about 12 seconds with it 4th down Ricky looks at Ferentz with the attitude of "what the fuck are you doing?"  Play comes in.... Iowa fucks up... Game over!
   Mizzou kicks Oklahoma all over the goddamn football field in its game... Not much to tell but that the Sooners are pussy's that wont get over it for awhile.  Nice job Gary Pinkel and The Missouri Tigers.  Now it's time to talk about the Texas Longhorns vs. the Iowa State Cyclones.
   Iowa State went down to Austin a 21 point underdog.  The Horns were all cocky for knocking off #5 Nebraska last week.  Guess what happened?  Iowa State dominated for 3 quarters!  Texas didn't know whether to shit or go blind trying.  ISU knocked Texas in the mouth over and over again.  Texas bled like a whore on her rag.  Texas did mount a comeback in the 4th quarter but couldn't reach down deep in their souls to beat the Clones!  Texas was treated like a bitch all day long!
   After the game, reporters asked Longhorn players about all of this shit... Players responded.... "We should never lose to an Iowa State program!  We're better then that!  We are Texas!  This is a disgrace!!"  Wanna know what I think?  FUCK YOU TEXAS!  Win with grace, lose with grace!  Simple as that you spoiled ass country fucks!  If you can't handle it, then go back to your farm and fuck a goat.  Get over it ya big ole dummy fuck!  Better times are coming.  OR even better, maybe the Clones are on their collective ways to being a team to reckon with!   Jump on the bandwagon people!!! 2 more wins and ISU is in the bowls!!!

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