Monday, October 4, 2010

Death Penalty!

     Now it's time to piss off everyone with my views.   I use to be a  huge democrat.  Didn't believe in capital punishment.  Didn't believe in alot of things.  Some of my views are still straight up democrat but some are leaning to the right.  In the last few years, I think I've grown up some.  I tend to look at life a little different then I did 25 years ago.  We can't save the world like I used to think... We can only try now.
    I don't believe in abortion but do NOT tell me I can't have one!  It's the mothers problem to deal with.  I don't believe in gun control but I do believe in some kind of control so that idiots of this world can't just buy a gun and blow up the entire fucking neighborhood!  I believe in God's word.  Some do some don't.... Thats there own problem.  I don't think that I should treat them any different then anyone else.  We have freedom of religion.
    I believe in freedom of speech!  I feel I can rant and rave about anything I want without any 
government interference!  I believe thats taxes should be govenered but not have to the people of the United States of America be raped by government!  I believe if I want to smoke dope I should be able to...  If we don't like smoking dope in America, then tax the motherfuckers!  Seems so simple to me.  Pot is smoked almost as much as drinking booze...  Tax the fuck out of it like you do booze and you have a fucking goldmine!  Jesus retards in Washington!  Listen to what the fucking people of America have to say!  
    Bomb the fuck out of Afghanistan!  Fuck Osama Bin Laden.  What the fuck are we waiting for?  Now Europe is scared shitless of an attack because of him!  Get rid of the fucking country and start over... Hell give them fucks some country like................ Ahhh fuck em all....Dont give em shit!
     What about supporting all of these countries that can't afford shit?  FUCK EM!  How about supporting your own goddamn country with the homeless?
With today's economy we have more and more homeless people in the U.S.A everyday.  Why in God's name are we supporting other countries when we have people dying everyday in the USA?  FUCK THE OTHER COUNTRIES!~
    I remember being in Chicago turning down a mother and her kids because I didnt have enough money to give them.  I remember being in Houston looking under the interstate cloverleafs and seeing people lying on their mattresses!  That fucking pathetic!  
     Now I'm a former smoker and I believe that people should have the option of smoking.  Just don't do it around me or anywhere I'm at.  I believe if a person rapes or kills a member of a family that the family members should be able to make their own choices on how they want to kill the killer.  
    If a person has fucked my kid  in the ass while choking her to death I feel that I'm going to choke him to death as fuck his asshole with a broom handle!  Fuck this shit!  We need equality when it comes to the death penalty!  This electric death or injected death.... Well, they can suck my dick!  
    What if we have a natural disaster?  Hurrican Katrina and shit... Well government get this shit straight!  You George W. Bush you fucked this up!  How many people died because your a fucking idiot?  How many people lost homes and are now homeless because of you you being and idiot!?!?!!  Well George W. Bush... Your the puke that put us in a war we didnt need.  Your the fuckhead that put us in a situation with New Orleans that needed to be fixed ASAP..  Wanna know what you did?  You fucked it all up!  You sir should be brought up on Federal charges for the death penalty for what you've done!  You George W. Bush are a cunt!
     Long story short.  I'm not democrat nor republican.... I'm an American citizen wanting better for everyone.  If someone kills someone... Kill em back and make it worse!  If someone fucks up helping his own country... Kill him also!   Think of others people!  All will be better if we didnt have so many cunts in office.  Vote for change!  Vote for the people who will make a difference.  The only problem is.... We get the right people in office and the next thing you know is that the cocksuckers from the corperate world start throwing out dollars and change the good people's votes!    Change is good people!!!  Please make a difference!  


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