Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hottest t.v. moms and other babes.

  I was saddened to hear that t.v. icon Barbera Billingsly passed away the other day.  Along with Tom Bosley, two of the greatest t.v. parents are now in rerun heaven.  Barbera was the mother to Wally and Beaver.  The wife of Ward Cleaver.  This fanstastic cast was part of the hit t.v. show "Leave it to Beaver."
  My take on this whole thing is how hot June Cleaver was.  She'd dress real conservative. The way any good housewife of the 1950's would.  You know she voted republican and secretly desired Dwight D. Eisenhower and his tough guy war ways.  She'd look at the nightly news on her black and white t.v. and get as wet as a fucking bathtub when she seen President Eisenhower on the tube.
  Even though they slept in separate beds, you know she'd sneak during the middle of the night just to taste her ole hubby Ward's cock.  Then there was The Petry's.  You know the family from "The Dick Van Dyke Show."  Rob and Laura were a happening couple.  Rob wrote for a t.v. show in New York City as Laura kept the house nice and cozy in the suburbs.  We never got to see it but you know there were nights when Rob got home to find Laura sipping on a martini while fingering her pussy.  My lord Rob was a lucky man!
   Now i'm flipping around the channels looking for classic reruns.  Next thing I know I hit jackpot.  Gilligan's Island!  4 dudes stranded on an deserted island with 3 chicks.  Ok. ok. ok.  Mrs. Howell wasn't really a chick.  She was this old crusted up cunt who aint had cock in like 25 years.  Trust me when I say this.  She had urges though!  I noticed how she kept checking out Gilligan's ass all the time.
  The best part of the whole show was you had two of the hottest t.v. chicks of all time!  There was the Hollywood starlet Ginger.  My lord she was smokin hot!  Fire red hair and legs all the way to her ass.  Then there was the amazing beauty Mary Ann.  She had the hottest body of any Kansas country girl  you could ever find!  Mary Ann portrayed a virgin sort of gal on this t.v. show.  We all know that Gilligan needed to bone her and you know that she wanted that skinny little fuck to do it.  It just never happened is all.
   Now here's my theory....  Mary Ann knew she wanted Gilligan but Ginger stopped her from doing him.  Ginger took her Hollywood talents and taught Mary Ann how to eat pussy.  Seems pretty simple to me.  You know them two hotties were banging like a screen door during a hurricane!  Swapping pussy like it was going out of style.
   Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days.  I'd would of fucked her.  I have this feeling that she never wore panties.  Just a hunch on my part I guess.  Barbera Eden from "I dream of Jeannie".. Lord have mercy I think she was the reason I had my first wet dream.  We'll leave it at that.  What about the whores from "Charlies Angels?"  Good lord I would have loved to laid in a pile with these hot asses.
   "Wonder Woman?"  I have this feeling she could have suck started a Harley.  Bionic Woman?  Trust me when I say this.  She'd fuck you!  NOT!  You fucking her.   What about Micheal J. Fox's mom on Family Ties?  I would have fucked her silly until she admitted she was a lesbo.  Then I would have fucked her even more to return her to the other side!
     Last but not least!  My secret crush of all time when it comes to t.v. hotties.  You know who I'm thinking of...  Admit it!  You would have ate her pussy too.  I'm talking about Granny from  "The Beverly Hillbillies".  I would have stuck her more times then a fucking pin cushin!  I bet when she took her teeth out she could suck some major cock.  My lord I miss the old days when these hotties roamed the t.v. world.  God bless T.V. Land!


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