Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pay it forward.

I'm sitting here tonight watching a fantastic movie "I am Sam".  I'm sitting here watching how a grown retarded man is wanting to raise his daughter. For this I applaud this movie!  I'm getting this feeling as I get older that everyone deserves a chance.
   I'm getting this feeling that we as society need to help one another.  If we don't help one another, then who the fuck will?
I'm to the point in my life where I feel it's time I make a difference.  I've gone through life living it by the balls.  I've always made sure to have fun and make as much fun as possible. Thats my life in a nutshell!
     I'm sick of corperate America wanting this.... Wanting that!  Making peoples lives miserable.  I want people to finally make a the decisions to help one another with whatever means they can.  I've got a little gal working for me who I admire for her work ethic and her positive attitude.  This beautiful thing just found out she's expecting a baby.  God bless her and God bless this unborn child.  We've talked and she knows it's going to be tough for awhile.   I want people to stand up and help people like this lady!  She's willing to put forth the effort to make her life and her unborn child's life better!  

   I want to see people take the time to help a homeless person... I dont mean taking them into their homes and all.... Take the time instead of throwing them some coins to maybe get them a meal.  Most homeless people are having troubles with either drugs or drink.  Do NOT throw them change so they can make enough money for the day to get drunk or high again!  Feed them and help them get ahead!
   I want people to take time to help a family get ahead with a house.  Maybe help build it.. Maybe donate to getting some things for the house.  It's not so much the parents in the house, its helping the kids who are being raised in it!
   What about making sure the elderly is getting taken care of?  Alot of older people are going without!  These people have given so much for all of us to be getting ahead!  We as a society need to take care of the ones who took care of us!  I need to get off of this rant now but I'm having a hard time doing it.  
    We who help one another will be rewarded in the end. "Rocco T. Yamsac"  I firmly believe in this.  Please do me a favor and look around and try to help others in need.  Theres more to life then being selfish!  God Bless All!

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