Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If I ran the schools.

  If you look to the left, your going to see me in a suit and tie.  (Maybe not me but damn close!)  This is what I'd look like everyday if I was running the schools.  I'd look professional at all time.  I wouldn't be wearing some fucked up short-sleeve shirt with a clip-on tie.
   I'd look cool as fuck people.  The first thing I'd do when school started would be to thank all of my staff.  I don't care if it's the teacher with 45 years experience or the lowly janitor working late nights to make my schools look great.  The second thing I'd do is make sure all students are thought well of.  Now if I have a few knuckleheads walking around the halls, I'd either rip them a new asshole everyday or if they are over 18, I'd knock them on their collective asses till they woke up and smelled the education!
    I'd support all activities... Not just the ones my kids are in.  I'd respect the coaches because I know how many hours they put in.  How much time they are away from their own families.  How much shit they take from the idiot parents of the athletes!  I'd make sure I went to every classroom at each school atleast once per month if not twice per month.  I wouldn't take raises unless my staff was able to achieve raises also.
    I wouldnt walk around all fucking cocky.  I'd make myself open to all of my staff and students.  I'd make sure to make time for my family but if during work hours people want to meet me, then I'm theirs!  I wouldn't hide down at the local cafe sipping beers with the school board.  I'd be asking the school board...."What can we do to make this a better place for our staff and students?"
  I wouldnt hole up at the game with just my principles and such.  I'd walk the stands saying hello to all of my students and the fans.  Saying "Thank you" for coming to support these kids who have worked their collective asses off to make our alma mater a better place to be.  I'd take time to make time to find out why some students are failing.  I'd try to find out why other students are being fuckheads with drugs and booze.
   I wouldn't fuck my basketball coach's ex-wife.  I've got morals I guess.  I wouldn't abuse my old school's credit card.  I'm not a felon I guess.  If by chance one of my administrators get's caught stealing from a HUGE department store, I'd show him what stealing was.  I'd steal his employment!  Your an administrator fucknut!  You don't steal!  Simple as that peckergnat!
  If by chance one of my para's who helps retarded kids is arrested for trying to bang an underage school girl... Guess what?  He's joining the admin who loves to steal!  UNEMPLOYMENT LINE fuckers!  How about the teacher who straps a retard in a chair?  Guess what?  I'm strapping her fat ass in a chair then I'm firing her!  This is fucking elementary people!  You do not strap the retards!  You teach the retards love and understanding and try your damndest to help them make a difference in the world!
   How about when a success counseler goes and smokes his ole-lady's face with is fist?  Thats when I knock that mother fucker out and as he lies bleeding on the ground right before I kick his fucking face with my boot, I yell............ YOUR FIRED!
    The best way to teach our children is with a happy staff.  If you have an unhappy staff, they come to work everyday bitching and moaning.  This rubs off on the students. Unhappy students fail.  Simple as that.  Treat people as you would want to be treated.   When it comes to graduation, I'm not spending $900.00 dollars on a fucking arrangement of flowers.  Whoever does this is getting exstorted or is stealing money.  I'm not going to let my staff down with broken promises.  If I can't get it done, I will let them know.  In the mean time, I'm still going to try and make their lives better so they can teach better.
   Last but not least!  I promise every year an end of year party to celebrate our success!  Beers on me people!

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