Saturday, October 2, 2010


  With this being Saturday, we all know what time it is!  It's the greatest day of the week played out for like 15 weeks in a row.  It's college football people!  I dont give it rat's fat ass if it's JUCO, DIII, DII, Division IAA or DivisionI..  To me and my family, college football fucking rules!
     The best part of the college football experience is the tailgate and everything involved with a party!  Now to my thanks for everything college football...
   First of all I want to thank the coaches that spend so much time away from their families for 6 to 9 months a year.  I want to thank the families of the coaches that have to endure life with out pops for 6 to 9 months a year.  God bless you all!
    I want to thank the student athletes that play this game with a passion.  I especially want to thank the not so good players not getting paid on the side for their dedication!  You make this a team you poor fuckers!
   I want to thank the band!  If it wasn't for you geeky fuckers there would be nothing to listen to between snaps!  God bless the tuba section!  I want to thank the managers!  Especially the female ones... If it wasn't for this college job, you'd never EVER seen a grown man's cock!  Keep up the good taping nerd!
    Now to whom I'm really talking about!  The cheerleaders!  I want to thank you for everything you do!  Not only do you inspire the crowd every Saturday but you also inspire the team during the week and after every important win!
   These beautiful ladies get an education paid for by performing some high flying stunts.  Some serious chants and cheers for the crowd each and every Saturday!  Thank you!
    After that big win you know how to take care of the team!  We as season ticket holders and donors appreciate this!  I mean where in the world is a young man promised a blow job for scoring a touchdown?  Only by the cheerleaders!!! Thanks babes!
    Even when our team loses, you take the extra time to make sure our athletes are taken care of.  When you stroke his sack and tell him that maybe next week you can beat the other team!  To me thats a true follower of the college football team!  Thanks again cheerleaders!
     What if by chance the team of our choice makes it to the National Championship Game and we win?  Does that mean the quarterback is going to get fucked by 13 different cheerleaders?  If that happens, you my dears are the utmost donors to the program!  Once again I love tailgates and games but I love the cheerleaders the most!!!  They are the drive behind any great team!

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