Thursday, October 28, 2010

The New Golden Trio?

 Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh... Is this the NBA's newest baby?  Is this trio going to bring the NBA to new heights?  I don't know if the league can get to new heights.  I've been watching professional basketball since my youth.  I used to love to watch the great teams.  Today's game isnt the same.  It's about some big mouth motherfuckers who think they are bigger then the game.
  Do I think this Heat team or the new look Celtics could have played in decades from the past?  Fuck no they couldnt!  IF any of the teams could of it would be the Celtics.  With Garnett, Allen, JerMaine O'Neal, Shaq O'Neal and Glenn (Big Baby) Davis they could compete.  The reason why is because they arent selfish.
   With the Heat, you have two huge ego's!  You have DeWayne Wade and LeBron James.  These dudes are good but they do have two of the biggest ego's in the NBA.  Chris Bosh is a great asset but he seems to get his ass hammered when facing some as good as him in the post.  I'm just wondering who's going to throw the first baby fit when it comes to getting the shots more?. Is Wade going to cry like a bitch or is James going to up and screw another team over again?
   If you take some of the teams from the 80's and 90's and played these two teams you'd be seeing some major ass kickin going on!  You had the Lakers and Celtics of the 80's.  With the Lakers, you had Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Ervin (Magic) Johnson, James Worthy and countless support players. Magic and Kareem would tear them all new assholes and not think twice about it.  Worthy would wait his turn then make them think twice about blinking after he drops a sweet jumper or hammers home a sick dunk!
   Don't forget the Boston Celtics led by Larry (Pasty) Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert (Big Chief) Parrish and countless support players.  Bird would have refused to lose!  He would have made you his bitch within the first quarter and not think twice about it!  Parrish would have blocked every shot and rebounded anything near him.  McHale...... Well, he'd knock your dick in the dirt faster then you can fart!
   Don't forget the late 80's early 90's Detroit Pistons!  This group of Motor City Madmen would beat you on the court then take you outside and kick your ass once again.  You had that little queer looking motherfucker Isiah Thomas running the show..  Bill Lambier kicking everyone's ass in the post..  Dennis Rodman rebounding anything on the floor.  Joe Dumar's running wild all over the court.  My God above they were fun to watch!
    Now to the 90's..... I'm not a real big Micheal Jordan fan but he could play some basketball.  I personally  think he's some rich ass spoiled cocksucker who cares about nothing but himself.  Thats just my opinion.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.
   With his teams, he did the unthinkable.  He won 6 world titles.  He had a mixed cast but a solid cast.  You had Jordan, Scottie (I wish I was as cool as Jordan) Pippen, B.J. Armstrong, Bobby Hansen, Scotty Kerr, Horace Grant and Bill Cartwright.  Then a few years later they added Dennis Rodman to dominate more!  Now think about it kids.. Could todays Heat and Celtics beat these teams?  Oh hell no!  They would cry themselves to sleep every night.
   Hell I get to thinking about it...  These new age kids wouldnt be able to play team ball.  James and Wade each need to shoot 30 times a goddamn game.  Who's the other motherfuckers that are going to score for you?  Sho nuff aint going to be that 9ft stick figure Chris Bosh.  He'll rebound a few balls but wont be able to do shit otherwise!
    Now off of my rant..  If people think this Miami Heat team is the newest game in town, look up history and talk to me when you've got your facts straight!  Then we'll talk!  Until then people respect the game. Respect the legands.  Respect the history.  And last but not least.  Fuck Kobe Bryant!  He's a rapist that got away with it!

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