Sunday, October 10, 2010

College Parties!

I just got back from a college football game.  Lord above knows I love it!  I love to take in the whole experience.  I love to watch the tailgating, the band before it gets to the stadium and basically the whole public party!
    I've been noticing the last few times I've been to the stadium how crazy the party is.  Not from the tailgate so much but from the college kids!  I know when I was in college we were smoking dope and drinking beer.  We just made sure we did it on the downlo.
   I was in college at one time.  I know I partied and all but this shit has hit a new level.  I'm walking up the game hearing all kinds of music and looking over and seeing young adults dry hump eachother till their grandma's had an orgasm!
   Back in my day we had the beer game quarters.  Thats pretty much it!  Now you have beer pong.  You have beer baggo.  You have naked beer pong.  You have naked beer baggo.  Jesus why was I born 25 years to soon?!?!?!?
    My biggest thing is... the dancing.  I mean we had dirty dancing and all back in the day.... Now these horny fuckers are dry humping till junior blows a nut in his kaki's!  Chick on a dime flashing their tits!  Chicks on a dime showing their whale tails! haha  Aint none of them afraid to flash some beaver if needed.  Now that kinda scares me!
    Doing tons of shots!  Ya'll need to settle down on that shit some.  Word of advice for the ladies.  The drunker you get, the more likely your going to get laid if you want to or not!  For the dudes.  You fuck a drunk chick and she gets pissed about it, your in prison.  So figure out if you want some pussy or get banged in the asshole for 5 years.   It's your call gentlemen!
    If you dudes are going to hand out roofies like it's m&m's thats another 10 years in the joint.  Don't be stupid!  For the ladies.... If your going to flash your tits and ass, don't act surprised that lil johnny wanted to get you naked!
   I'm all about having a good time while in college.  I'm all about having a good time partying.  I'm all about forming relationships with other coeds.  Just don't get fucking retarded and fuck up your futures!
    If by chance your the sober one, make sure your friends are doing ok.  If your the female, don't let little susy get fucked in the mouth in some goddamn closet!  If your the dude who's halfway sober don't let the puke of a friend try and fuck susy in the mouth in the closet.  Wanna know whats going to happen if you let it happen?  Someone's father is most likely going to try and kill you.
    Trust me when I say this shit.   Some fathers end up killing!   Something to think about Romeo's!

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