Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sex Toys.

  One of the greatest things about going to college is freedom.  Both guys and gals love this choice.   You can still rely on mom and dad while making alot of your own decisions.  This was and always be the best part of living away from home while in school.
   When you get to college and are living apart from family, it's kinda scary at first.  Then you meet your roommates and hopefully you find some friendships within the house.  If not, then it's time to find friends somewhere else.
   You start classes and start to feel cozy within the surroundings. God bless you and your learnings of life.  Now it's time to start getting stupid while at school.  Dudes usually start drinking and streaking about this time.  Gals usually throw a dildo party.  Yes boys!  A dildo party!  Chicks aren't into just drinking till they are stupid and then banging like a screen door during a hurricane.  They want to make love and orgasm.  Simple as that fuckers!
    It's pretty much a fact that most dudes are going to take like 4 minutes to hump a chick.  That's why chicks need dildo's and vibrator's.  These silicone instruments are the next best thing to love for these lost souls.  "Jimmy" takes them out for a date and makes out with them till he blows a nut in his jeans.... Then it's time for the "Clitinator2011" to take the gals to the next level. "Jimmy" is wondering how he's going to get nut out of his underwear while Susy is cumming for the record 15th time.  All because this dildo makes her smile.
   Wanna know why chicks dig dildo's over men?  Let me tell you!  A dildo wont spit up after 5 minutes of humping.  A dildo wont go limp after 5 minutes of humping.  A dildo wont call her a bitch just because she won't suck it.  A dildo will go all night long if she wants it that much.  A dildo will remain true.
   A dildo will call you in the morning... Thats if it had a phone and could talk.  A dildo won't bang you then take you to Taco Bell.    Now to the vibrators...   I vibe will think of your orgasms first.  I vibe will do more then a guy... It wont just lick your clit for 3 minutes and then stick your hole.  I vibe will handle the clit till the clit says no more!  The vibe will take it's time and stick around till the next morning and start over where it left off.
   Dudes are still wondering why the gals are still prudes when they get in college.  It's because they can spend between $20.00 bux and $100.00 bux and never EVER have to have a man again!  To my male friends, listen up!  If your gal owns a dildo/vibrator, use it to your advantage!  Always offer to help her with using it!  Always offer to watch her use it if she wants!  If she wants to use it on you, that's your call!  I promise you that won't happen at my house!!!!  My asshole is for two things only... farting and shitting!
   Dear friends!  Befriend the dildo/vibrator.... Trust me when I say this.... All chicks name their dildo/vibrators...  Remember the name and treat that cocksucker like family!  Don't be jealous of the dildo!  If that happens, your chance of pussy is pretty much shot.  Make your life evolve around the dildo for your sex life.  Even if you dont use it, always ask the lady if she wants her little friend involved.  If you ask that, she knows you care about her!
   Remember this fellows!  The more you respect her toys the more she'll respect your tool.  Always think of her pussy and her feelings first!  If she wants you to shove this rubber cock up her asshole, do it!
   If she wants you to slowly run this vibe over her clit again and again, do it!  If your doing that, it means less work for you to make her cum!  Just fucking do it and dont think twice about it!  When she blows her nut, work on yours!  Then it's beer drinking time my friends!

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