Friday, October 22, 2010

Social bullshit!

 With this infatuation of facebook, myspace and other internet social gathering I've been thinking real hard.  I know facebook is a place for friends to interact when they aren't near eachother.  It's a place for family to re-connect.  It's a place to pretty much keep in touch.
  Here's my problem....  How come when kids get out of high school and are on there own whether it's in college or in the work force they are straight up lying while on these social websites?
 I mean I'm seeing people post to another how they'd love to get together and hang out the next time they are home.  The funny thing is.... The person who is wanting to hang out never EVER talked to this person while in high school together.  If they did talk, it was for the one person to ridicule the other person.  Wanna know what I think?  BULLSHIT!
  What about that girl who was a pill popping whore while in school?  How come everyone tells this person that they miss them and all that horseshit?  I mean you talked more smack about this bitch then anyone.  Now you want to hang out with them?  What the fuck are you thinking?  Now I'm thinking your a fucktard!  How come these people are wanting to hook up with not so good friends?  Are you people trying to be cool on myspace/facebook?  Are you trying to look like your a good person even though you used to call this dude a total douchebag?
   How come ya'll put up pictures making it look like your life is the greatest thing going today?  How come you don't put up pictures of you crying in your dorm room because your not the big fish in the little pond anymore?  Your more like the guppy in the Pacific Ocean!  How come I dont see that shit?  What about when your home and no one even tries to talk to you?  How come you dont post shit like that?  "I went home and I was still thinking I was still queen/king shit but everyone hates me now."  Where are these posts morons?!?!?
  What about that whore who gets knocked up in highschool and then has a baby... Next thing you know I'm seeing posted how every one wants to hold the baby.  God bless you for your actions of doing this.  My question is.... HOW COME you were calling the mother a "No good cumguzzler " the whole time she was in high school?
  Your saying how beautiful the baby is when you called the mother one ugly ass bitch while growing up.  I don't get it people!  How come your saying that your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is such a great person but when you caught them fucking another person they were the worst person to walk to the earth?  I don't get it!
How come that cunt who thought that their shit didn't stink wants everyone to be their friend on the internet even though she treated everyone around her like total shit?  I dont get it!
  Do you people not realize that as soon as you recieved your diploma's that you were officially a NOBODY again?  It's now WELCOME to the real world!  No one cares if you were the stud athlete.  No on cares if you were the homecoming queen!  No one cares if you were the top of your class!  Here's what I'm going to find funny as fuck.....  When they have their 5 year class reunion, you are going to find the popular ones are going to still think they are popular.  The funny thing is that everyone else will be laughing at them.
  The dudes who were the so-called nerds will have every so-called single chick trying to suck their cocks because they have money or will soon be making some serious bank!  Now who's the whores!?!?!?
   Have fun with your social networking.  It's a great place to keep in touch with loved ones and old friends.  If your not doing that, you can suck my cock.  Your a fake ass fuck who will soon find karma.  Don't make life be something its not.  Be real and stay true to your real friends and family. Don't kiss some fuckheads ass to make yourself look good.  Your only making yourself look like a total peckergnat!

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