Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Vietnam!

I'm sitting here tonight watching one of the greatest movies ever made.. I'ts called  "When we were soldgiers".  Starring Mel Gibson, Sam Elliott, Madeline Stowe and countless others.  This movie was based on a true story..... If you ever get the chance, please watch this movie!  It will change your perspective on life in general!
  So, I'm watching this movie and I get to thinking to myself that this is one fucked up war.  It's a war over nothing.  I mean people on both sides died over jack fucking shit!
  40 years later we are in the same fucking bullshit!  We are battling in Iraq over nothing.  We have an ex-president who sold a bag of rotten goods to America saying that Iraq was going to hurt us bad.  Iraq had multiple weapons of mass destruction.  Iraq holds all the oil in the world and it will cripple to economy of the free world.  Guess what?    FUCKING LIES!
   The Vietnam War was a fucking lie and the Iraq War is a fucking lie!  George (Motherfucking) W. Bush is a stupid cunt who couldn't make up his own mind and had others start this war.  This is a war over nothing but revenge.  The revenge is because his retarded fucked up dad couldnt get Hussian out of power.  Jesus we are a fucked up society!
   We spend all this time in Iraq getting innocent American boys killed over nothing.  Now trust me when I say this, these men and women wanted to be there defending our freedom!  God bless all of them.  The sad thing is.... They defended nothing!  Bush should be brought up on trial for the killings of mass Americans who lost their lives for nothing!
  What about the innocent lives lost on 911?  That was brought on by a puke named Osama Bin Laden.  How come we didn't just get nutty and bomb the fuck out of Afganhistan?  NO WHERE did Iraq bomb us and kill so many people.... It's recorded and Bush knows this.... Osama Bin Laden takes full responsibilty for all of this shit!  Seek him out and kill him!  Very simple in my mind!
   Here's my problem!  Innocent people were killed in Vietnam over nothing.... 40 years later innocent people are getting killed in Iraq over greed and revenge.  It's time for this shit to stop!  Bush left office a few years ago but his fuckups are still getting innocent kids killed everyday!
  Another problem of mine is how the republican party and the media can blame Barrack Obama for all of this bullshit!  Obama didn't set the world behind money wise.  Obama didn't put our asses in danger with war.  He's getting blamed for not getting the troops out sooner then he is....The person to blame for all of this shit is Geogre W. Bush!
    Look up all of this bullshit and make your own opinion!  When you look it up, i hope you find the truth!!!
Mr.Yamsac is a TRUE independent!  I have no affiliation with any political party!  I only report the truth!

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