Monday, October 25, 2010

The Brett Favre Jenn Sterger saga.

I'm a huge fan of football.  Infact, I love the game with a passion.  I've got to be honest, I love the college game more then the pros but I will watch either at anytime I can.  I've watched either live or on t.v. some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. 
  I've seen Troy Aikman, Dan Fouts, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, John Elway, Steve Young, Terry Bradshaw and last but not least Brett Favre.
   If you notice, each and everyone of these names I mentioned are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame except Brett Favre.  The reason he's not in there is because he's still playing at a high level even at the age of 40 years old.  Out of all of these hall of famers Brett has gone down as most likely the greatest quarterback of all times.  He simply owns virtually every record possible for quarterbacks.  He has a Super Bowl ring.  He's done it all!
  He started in Atlanta with the Falcons then was traded to the Green Bay Packers.  He spent something like 15 years with the Packers till they decided he was to old for them.  He then went one year to the New York Jets.  After that he's been spending his time with the Minnesota Vikings for the last two years.
   His first year with the Vikings was nothing but spectacular!  He took the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game where they were unseated by the eventual Super Bowl Champs, The New Orlean Saints.  Brett decides to come back to the Vikings for one more season.  Things aren't going as well as people would like then all of a sudden BOOM!  A new scandal starts.  It's a scandal where Brett admits leaving voice mails to the hottie Jenn Sterger.  At the time when he was in New York, she was working for the Jets football team.  
   I guess after listening to the voice mails Brett wanted to slide his cock inside of this little hottie.  Fair enough I say.  He's a married man who knows what could happen if his wife finds out.  I guess my opinion is..... Good luck motherfucker!  Stick her as much as you can till momma finds out back home.  Then call your banker and hide as much money as you can. has all of the details if you need to read more about it.  It has the voice mails and such.. Infact, I guess Brett took some pictures of his cock and sent them to poor Jenn.  If you ever see these pics, your going laugh your ass off because if I was Brett and had that small of a cock I would have never EVER sent them on to someone!
   My rant today is about how the NFL is sticking its ass into the whole thing.  They are investigating if Brett did anything improper.  Wanna know what I think?  FUCK YOU NFL!  It's none of your goddamn business.  It's between Brett and Jenn.  No one else!  Infact, Jenn will not interview with the NFL.  Know what that means to me?  Jenn said fuck off NFL!
    This is something that needs to be addressed by Brett and Jenn themselves.  It has nothing to do with Roger Goodell and the NFL.  If Brett wants to go around and shake his little weenie at the ladies, thats his right till the ladies tell him to fuck off.  It's not Roger Goodell's problem!
   It's not like Brett shook his cock at the crowd after throwing a touchdown pass to Randy Moss!  I have to give Brett some credit for hitting on one hot bitch!  She could make a grown man cry with her looks.  My thing is.... I've heard the voicemails and it's Brett by far.  You will know his country bumpkin ass voice anywhere.  He's just saying that he didn't show his cock to her.  I wouldnt admit it either if I had that small of a wanger!
    Now to get off of my rant.  Roger Goodell and the NFL need to get off Brett Favre's back because he wanted to mount a hot chick.  Instead, look out for steriod abuse and other bullshit.  If Jenn doesn't want to talk about this situation, then leave her alone.  Maybe she enjoyed the attention of an NFL superstar.  Maybe she enjoyed looking at his tiny cock!  Leave well enough alone NFL!

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