Saturday, October 16, 2010

Douche of the week!

  Here at MrYamsac, we are going to start running a once a week column of the douche of the week.  Some will be famous.  Some will be people that I know locally.  Some will be people that I have no idea who the fuck they are!  The one thing they will have in common is that they are fucktard douche bags!
   My first douche of the week is Oprah Winfrey.  If you look at the picture to the left thats Oprah.  NOT REALLY!  Take the fucking make up and she's one ugly ass bitch.  I couldnt find a picture to show everyone.  Infact, I think she owns the internet.  It could be true!  The over zealous cunt owns everything else!
    She's from either Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, or Idaho.  Fuck if I know which one it is!  All I know is that it was one of these poverty stricken states that don't like black folk.  (thats according to her!  Not me!  I love poverty stricken states!)
     She complains that she was abused as a child by some relative with an attitude that wanted some young Oprah ass.  Personally I feel that could be a lie.  Ya'll ever look at Oprah?  She's kinda nasty!  She talks about how she personally battled all odds to get an education.  I dont give a fuck Orka or whatever your name is.  My youngest daughter battles everyday to tie her shoes!
    Oprah talks about how it was tough as fuck to get into show business with her background.  What's your background Oprah?  Did you suck cock on Beale Street in Memphis before you hit it big or was it because no one could say your name properly?  
     Oprah lives with this money sucker named Stedman.  To her worth we have no idea why he's around.  Last I knew Stedman was some kinda of official name within Oprah's world.  My feelings are that this brother has a 12 inch cock that makes her happy when needed.
     Oprah starts her own t.v. show.  I've got to be honest here when I say this.... When I see this t.v. show, the first thing I think of is.... SHIT!  Oprah doesn't do shit except have a fag by the name of Tom Cruise jump around on a couch talking about his wife (which is hot!) and his daughter Suri.  Oprah has so many people involved in her cult that she can shit and she'll have ebay bids to wipe her ass!
    Now what has Oprah done for the world?  If you ask her she'll tell you she has given away tons of Ipods and cars to her followers!  Has she stopped people being homeless?  Ummmm NO!  She doesnt have time because she's busy painting Stedman's toes.
       This is the kind of shit that pisses me off!  Your richer then you can even know but all you care about it yourself and others!  This is why you are our initial DOUCHE OF THE WEEK.
                               Long story short.... Fuck off Oprah!

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