Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time Square Bomber

OK, OK, OK, today the fag who wanted to blow up times square a few months ago was found guilty of bullshit and sentenced to life in prison plus 150 years.   Thats all cool to me.  Here's my problem.  Why didn't we just off him like he wanted to off 100's if not thousands of people in Times Square?
    Here's the funny thing about this tough guy..... He brings all of this bullshit into the middle of the busiest place in the world and wants to set it off.  He tries to light it all but he's to fucking stupid to get it done.  The funniest thing is... He's a big believer in jihad and all that shit but he walked away from the mayhem if it would have happened.  What a fucking pussy!  Praise be Alaah motherfucker!  I got your praise be!
     He gets life plus 150 years for his acts.  Then he gets mouthy with the judge and talks shit about how the Taliban is going to fuck the world up SOON.  Wanna know what I'd do?  haha  I'd take this punk fuck and put his ass back in Time's Square and let people stone him to death.  Then when they were done stoning him, set his taliban ass on fire.
     He talked shit of how he'd die 1000 deaths for the Muslim society.  Now I change my tune..... I'd start his fucked up ass on fire then stone him!  Feel that motherfucker!
     I want to see the world catch all of these motherfucking terrorists and make them our bitch.... Take them to trial then either cut their fucking heads off or catch them on fire.  An eye for an eye cocksuckers!  Stop giving these cocksuckers freedom of choice and the American way.... When found guilty, kill them.  Thats what they would do to us!
     Bomb the fuck out of Pakistan.. Then the ones that come out of the caves, put a bullet in their heads!  Seems pretty goddamn simple to me friends!

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