Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The man, the myth, the legend.

 Theres been a few hero's out there in the world.  Some hero's are from days gone by... Some hero's are from today's standards.  Some hero's have been people like Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and many others.  Today's standards include Barrack Obama, Peyton Manning and countless others.
   Now let me introduce you to my hero.... I've looked up to many people in my life.  The ones that take no shit from anyone.  Example:  John Wayne, Ric Flair, Al Bundy and Howard Stern.   NOW to my hero.. His name is Larry Flynt!  Larry Claxton Flynt Jr. was born November 1st 1942.  Larry grew up the oldest of 3 children in shit town Kentucky!  Infact his area was considered the worst area to live during the great depression.
   Larry and his brother grew up with their mother who'm had divorced their father when Larry was about 8 years old.  Mom and family moved to Indiana and continued life till Larry got older and was able to start a few nightclubs.  Out of his nightclubs, Larry turned one into a strip joint.  LOOKING GOOD NOW BOYS!
   In 1972, Larry opened his magazine named.... Hustler Magazine.  It was and still is an adult magazine that is aimed for the males of the world.  Larry made it kinda soft at first then decided he needed to make it more wild.. It's then he started to take pictures of naked women with them spreading their pussy's to show just a bit of "pink".  My lord above did this take off!
    Now to my hero worship.....  This man took a bullet in Georgia because some Baptist fuck decided in his own mind that Larry was anti-god because he had some photo's of a black man and a white woman nude taken.  What a fucking cracker!
   The Reverend Jerry Falwell takes issues with the now crippled Larry because he satired Mr. Falwell in a cartoon that was shown in his magazine!  Come on Jerry!  Didn't you and your almighty religion admit to fucking some gals in the church?  If I remember right, you did!  Now this is why I love Larry Flynt!  He takes no shit from anyone...Even in his gold rimmed wheel chair!  He kicks everyones ass!
    This man has taken society and told them to fuck off! Wanna know why?  Because he believes in equal rights and let America be America!  This is why I love this man!  If you fuck with him or his beliefs, he'll tell you to fuck off!  If your smart people.... Take time to check out the movie.... "The People vs. Larry Flynt"  One of the best movies ever made..... It's a fucking documentry!
     Here's the funniest thing.... This hero is sitting in a goddamn wheelchair all crippled up and still getting more pussy then the average american male has ever thought of!  Live on Larry!  Live on Larry!

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