Thursday, October 28, 2010

Douche of the week #2

   My douche bag of the week #2 is for anybody that is part of the retarded t.v. show "Glee."  It seems to be a decent show you can sit and watch till you sit and watch.  My lord above it's fucking stupid!  They are using modern day songs and musicals to make this show a hit!  I can understand the concept very much but I can't understand why they are making it so fucking stupid!
    They have all of these tweener retards as actors.  The cripple dude who thinks he can dance.  YOU CAN'T DANCE!  Simple as that fucker!  The bitch who is a cheerleader who thinks she can sing and dance.  YOU CAN'T!  Become either a stripper or a porn star!
  That straight up flaming homo playing the straight up flaming homo..... Get a fucking life bitch!  You can't act nor sing.   The dude who's supposed to be directing this shit.  Get off of this show before it ruins your career!  The cunt who was on "Two and a half men".......  You were funnier on that show then you will ever be on here!  Give up your fucked up shit!
  The dance routines!  My lord they want to make me puke!  You do NOT ever see that shit in the real world!  I want the real world fuckers!  Everyone on this show is a pussy!
   Get rid of this fucking show before it ruins society as we know it!  This is a fucked up show that will make t.v. even worse then it is!

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