Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The midget!

  Zeke and I have this chick who we call the midget working for us.  She's seriously a beautiful gal with tons of potential.  The only problem is.... She's dumber then four motherfuckers trying to trying to perform a circle jerk with out the pivot man!
   When I say idiot, I mean FUCKING IDIOT!   Zeke and I have tried being good to her.  Doesn't matter.  She's still really fucking stupid.  
 You try and correct her fuck ups nicely and she gets mouthy, lippy and downright stupid about it.  I swear to God above she's going to end up putting a cap in my fat ass!
   We've had customer complaints against this idiot over and over again.  We try to be nice to her about it when we let her know.  All she wants to know is ....."Whats the customers fucking problem?"  Jesus girl shut up and check them out when needed!
    Example of her being a fucktard.... She'll go to lunch for an hour, then when she gets back she goes to the cafe part of the joint and orders food.  Hmmm I'm thinking.  I ask one day.... "What the fuck are you doing during your lunch hour?"  "Im tanning she says!"  The funny thing is, is that this bitch is portaguese and already darker then most black people!
   She'll grab her lunch and go back to work at the checkout counter.  Next thing you know she's chowing down like a vietnam vet who hasnt seen real food for 14 years!  Chips and shit falling out of her mouth as she's trying to help customers.  My lord she's a peckergnat!
    This shit is going on for awhile now.  We put up with it.... Then one day she pisses off Zeke.  He tells me about it.  I agree that she's not worth the cum that ran down mommy's ass.  We laugh... Thats what we do!  She's been using her cell phone alot during business hours when customers are around.  To us that's ignoring customers.  He tells me to get after it and take care of it.  I do!
    Everytime I look around she's texting.... Everytime I see her do it I mention to her not to be doing it.  She kinda obliges.  Then it's like everytime I tell her about it. She in her own way tells me to fuck off.  Now I'm starting to get pissed off at this little gerbil!  You try to make her life better and all she does is whine and bitch about life.  She's pissed because she's a single mother with no help.  My response... "Next time honey do not spread your legs!"
   All has been good for awhile till today.  I walk into the office and Zeke looks at me and says...."Watch the personal cell phone use please."  I'm thinking ok... I can do that.  About 25 minutes into the job this little fag named Blake is caught by me texting on his phone.  I verbally rape his dumb ass about it and he puts his away.
    The day is going well.  I catch the midget once putting her phone away as I walk by... She kinda looks at me and moves her fat ass as fast as she can!  A few hours have gone by and it's almost closing time.  I come out of the office and see the midget once again on her phone texting.  I calmly tell her to knock it off.  She proceeds to throw a fit.  At this time I'm thinking I'd love to kick her in the pussy but I'm afraid I'd lose my boot!
    I kinda flip her some shit.  She gets mouthy.... I walk away before I lose my temper.  She's rolling her eyes and shit.  Now I'm getting pissed but I say nothing.
  I go back into the office to finish some of my work .... I then walk out and and see this dumb cunt texting again.  NOW I'M PISSED!  She rolls her eyes again as I yell her name.  I tell her to get her shit together....  She then proceeds to get mouthy again and tell me that she doesnt appreciate my look.  NOW I'm steaming!  This little cunt has now pissed me off.
  Long story short, I let it go for the night........ It's going to be funny as fuck when I confiscate all the cell phones tomorrow.  I cant wait to see what she says.  If she has a problem, then I'll show this dumb cunt the unemployment line!  

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