Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's fall.  It's getting closer to Halloween.  The sun is going down sooner then it was 3 months ago.  The time is about ready to change.  Pheasant season starts next weekend for all of the hunters around this area.
   You know it's getting near opening day for pheasant season because a legendary local watering hole is having strippers tonight.  Did I go. No.... Personally I forgot. haha.  Would have my wife minded if I went.  No.  She would have thought that it's better for me to see naked pussy instead of bothering her after a nights drunk!
  I've been to the shakers/strippers many o' times.   I remember when I was like 19 years old walking into a bar after a night of bowling (another talent u never knew about!) and there was strippers there.  I'm walking across the bar area right infront of the dancers.  Next thing you know my special New York Mets hat was ripped off of my head and some stripper is pulling her pussy lips apart and rubbing the bill of my hat up and down her snatch.  I swear to God above that my blue hat turned green within seconds.
  I've seen gals who shake their asses for a living shoot ping pong balls out of their snatches for $100.00 bills.  I've seen skank smoke a cigar with their pussy's and make smoke rings.  God bless their talents!  I know a few single mothers who could make a good living at doing this!
  My questions are.... Why do females do this to themselves?  NOT that I'm bitching or anything, I'm just wondering.  Wanna know why they do this.  They make as much money as doctors in small towns.  It's not uncommon for a sweet looking dancer to make $250,000 per year!  Tax free motherfuckers!  
    Now back to tonight.  I remember a few years back when I was like 18 to 21 and working fulltime.  Not having a care in the world.  It's when I've got all this money in my goddamn pocket and it's time to blow it on pussy!  Little Susy spread her pussy.... I blow $10 bux.  Little Susy sticks a midget up her twat.. Time to throw out $20.00 bux.  Little Susy brings out her skank whore of a friend who has the worlds biggest crack habit wearing stretch marks around her mouth... Wanna know what I do?  Throw down another $50.00 bux!
   A few years go by.....   I stop at a few more dancer events.  I drop a few more dollars.  Then I realize..... These bitches are working me like a Chinese math problem.  Working harder then fuck to make me spend my money!
   Back in the day women had hair on their pussy's.  Now you could grab a rug doctor or a floor shiner to make this pussy look damn good.  I've seen a good looking girl take her fake ass boobies and rub them up and down a pack of like 12 guys faces over and over like it was an assembly line.  Then I've watched these morons throw out within 20 minutes over $500.00 bux.  Jesus I wish I had fake tits!
    Long story short sports fans.  I miss stippers but I dont need them.  I'm at the age where I can care less.  If I'm with some buddies and we happen to see some strippers I'll see if she wants me to tip her.  If she does, then i want to know if I can get a senior citizen discount!  If not, will she swipe my AAARP card.  
              Bless the working folk my people!

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