Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Parochial School Athletics

  Here's my rant for the night.  I'm watching some great high school football and noticed one major thing.  The teams I'm watching are a fine small town team with tremendous tradition.  Then the other team is a private Christian school.
  Throughout my years of watching and being involved with high school athletics I've noticed that most of your state champions in all classes of high school athletics are parochial schools.  Most of these schools are tuition driven with better oppurtunities for it's students.
   With these private schools, you have better students because of better education.  You have better teachers because of better pay and better benefits.  You have better extra curricular programs because of more money coming into the schools.  The private schools also have the same things happening for them as do the public schools.  Thats using tax payers money to help their schools prosper.
  So, long story short.... You have taxes helping, you have donors happening, you have high priced tuition going on.  These aren't the same things that happen at any public school in the state.  The parochial schools already have a one up on everyone else in the state.
   Now to the athletic programs.  With parochial schools you can offer "scholarships" to needy students.  Now whats a needy student?  Only the private schools can tell you that!  With public schools you are stuck with the athletes that have enrolled in your district.  With private schools you can help the "needy" athletes with scholarships to pay for everything.
  With these scholarships, it can take care of tuition, books and even lunch money.  If this child/athlete needs some kind of athletic equipment, it's taken care of by school "donors".  If that happens in a public school it's against the state athletic commision laws.  Talk about bullshit here people!  Straight up bullshit!
   If you have a football player who is 6'3 235lbs and can run the 40 meter dash in 4.3 seconds enrolled at a public school that district is blessed!  If you have that same player playing at a parochial school he could be a 3rd string player because the private school is used to this type of athlete!
  What pisses me off is that if you have a public school and a private school in the same small town your going to have the parochial school getting the best students and best athletes because of what they can offer.  Your athletic department at the public school is cash strapped because of budget restraints.  The private school has all of the modern day,state of the art equipment that would get any Div1 college coach a huge hardon.  To me, this is fucked up!
  What really pisses me off is if I have a kid and my neighbor has a kid the same age.  These kids grow up best friends for the first 13 years of their lives.  I'm working a nine to five job and my neighbor is a pimp in downtown.  He's bringing in some sweet bank and I'm eating beenie weenie's everyday.  Our kids are the same level of athletes but my neighbor can afford the private school.  His kid is going to get that chance to become a division 1 athlete just because of where he goes to school.  My kid on the other hand has to work 3 times harder for the same chance.  I call bullshit on all of this!
  What about even more extra benefits?  In some states it's not uncommon for some kids to be driving a sweet ride that costs them nothing.  Public school athletes are riding the bus or driving a fucking 1973 Chevy Vega!  If you want a date for prom, the public school athlete asks a girl hoping she'll accept.  At the private school, the athlete can have his pick of sweet pussy from anywhere in the school.  Theres a great chance of him/ her getting atleast a blowjob.  The public school kid is going to have to either jack off or dream of it all week long.
   To end my rant, I have a suggestion.  Put the public schools in one pool.  Put the parochial schools in another pool.  You need to set classes according to school size in both pools.  Set it as a four or five classes in public schools.  Then set it as Large School Parochials and Small School Parochial's.  Seem pretty fucking simple to me!  Get rid of this high school/college experience for teenage kids.  This isn't the SouthEastern Conference in college athletics!  You don't need to dominate all high school athletics with how much money you have.  For once, be fair to the student athletes!

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