Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The do's and dont's of picking up women in a bar... college style!

ok.. ok.. ok....  You've finally hit the age of 21 or you have one hell of a fake ID....   It's time to go to the bar and meet women.   First of all you knuckleheads, you don't know shit about hitting on women!  Now it's time for me to show you the art of picking up women in bars!
   You see a hot little filly sitting down at the end of the bar... She's looking good but your not sure if you should approach her.  Wanna know what to do?  Throw your balls out into the public and take time to make time for some pussy!  If she turns you down, then that's ok.
     Here's my theory of this... The average salesman makes 1 sell out of every 10...  So my theory is that you'll hit on 10 women and one of them will want to suck your cock.  Now figure this out!  If there are 100 women in the bar, you will get 10 blowjobs..  If your lucky, 5 out of that 10 will finger your asshole and bring out circus animals to make them cum!  Make sure you work a huge bar if your wanting some pussy!  There's pussy if you want it son!
    If you see a woman who catches your eye and makes you think she's hot then do this.....Find out what she's drinking and take it to her.. NEVER EVER have the bartender give her the beer/drink.
  When you have the bartender take it to her she'sthinking one  thing... Your a pussy!  If you take it to her you can make conversation... You can tell her how she looks lovely.... You can ask her personal things... When a bartender takes it to her, she's being told that you want to bend her over and make her bark like a dog.
     After you meet that woman of your dreams, be gentle with your comments.    Do not and I repeat  DO NOT!  Tell her how you like her tits.... How you'd love to suck her tits.  How you'd love to hold her tits!  Most women don't give a fuck about her tits!!!   They love their pussies!!!! Nothing more and nothing less.  The pussy tends to talk and make men stupid!
     Be slow with your approach..... Women do not like to be rushed.  Always look at a woman and tell her that she  looks lovely...  Do not and I repeat DO NOT, tell her she'd look good underneath under you.
    Make sure you always tell them that you want to make a difference in their lives... If you tell them that all you want to do is crack their ass, there's a chance you'll never get fucked by her again.
    If you see a lady you want to make love to or just have that one night stand do this.. Tell them that you'd love to get to know them... Nothing more, nothing less... DO NOT TELL them you'd like to lick them where they pee!  That shit aint going to fly!  
     I dont give a fuck if the gal you picked up at the bar is nasty is all get out, tell her she's cute!!! Just don't give out your number.... Most drunk fucks are retarded and give out their numbers... You  my friends are fucking idiots!
             Use my advise and if this doesn't work out, just grab some lube and take care of yourselves!

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