Monday, October 18, 2010

Doing time.

  Growing up in a small town like I did, i was known to be kind of ornery.  I had a few brushes with the law.  Never anything intense.  Just some petty shit, that when you look back years later you realize you were a fucktard for some of the shit you did.
   I find the woman of my dreams.  She puts up with my shit for a few years till I decide to grow up.  We start making a family and is going good.  Then I start noticing things around the neighborhood.  Shit is getting really fucking retarded.  The big fuck up to hit this town about 20 years ago is the trafficking of Meth.
  A couple of brothers along with an uncle decide to make a shitpot of money without doing little.  They start selling meth.  It has just hit this area and they are making a fucking killing!  One of the brothers is driving a brand new goddamn corvette without even having a fucking job.  He'd drive to the city every night and make his pickup.  Come back home and make his fortune.  This was an everyday happening!  Easy money!  Good times!
   Now these cocksuckers get stupid.  They start buying guns and cars.  All while living in a piece of shit house and still not working.  (If they would have been half way smart, they would atleast worked at McDonalds as a fucking night janitor!)
     OH NO!  They are living the high life and thinking they are tough shit who can do no wrong.  Going to be the next Tony Montana from the movie "Scarface."  Thats till the fucking DCI and FBI show up.. Now these three cunts are sitting in federal prison for their actions.  The uncle dies.  One brother gets out and returns to town.  Not even 3 months later he is back in the joint for being retard again with meth.  The other brother was 22 years old when he went in.  He'll be 65 when he gets out.  God bless the drug trade!
    20 plus years later I'm a father with I guess some morals and values.  I care about the little things.  I care about equality for all people.  Thats it till they are fuck ups.  Then I'm going to shred you a new asshole in everything you do.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I do not lie.  I just spread the truth about shit... Now it's time to move onto the new generation of pukes.
    The newest and better thing to go on in my town is prescription meds.  We've got kids popping pills like it's fucking skittles!  I can give examples from my daughters graduating class.  They have a bunch of pussies who think they are bad ass and can get away with murder.  Wanna know why they think this?  Because their parents did nothing!  NO PARENTING for these kids.  All the parents were worried about was if their kid was looking cool and having a chance of making it to school for free.  FUCK YOU PARENTS for that!
   We've got kids dying here every year because of this new epidemic.  Fuck you parents for not knowing what your kids were doing!  Get involved and stop thinking your shit dont stink!
    I remember a couple of years ago when the local high school athlete was doing good till he got ahold of prescrips.  Then the motherfucker turned retarded real quick!  Gives up all of his athletic prowess and starts getting dumber.  Ends up getting busted with cocaine at one time.  Mom and Dad got him out of that.  He gets arrested for assault.  Mom and Dad get him out of that.  Next thing you know he's arguing with his girlfriend and decides to blow his head off in front of her.  NOW THATS A FUCKING MAN!
   We move on to a few years later.  We've got an influx full of student athletes at this local school..... Out of the basketball team and wrestling team you have about 30 kids playing at the varsity level.  One source tells me that out of the 30 athletes only 4 didnt get high!  Now I blame the parents and the fucking coaches!  Mostly the wrestling coaches!  Get your shit together people!
   Graduation occurs and we have a local kid die from an overdose.  He was an MMA fighter wannabe.  He came from good parents.  They should have known what he was doing.  His older brother is a fucktard doing the same shit.  Wake the fuck up parents!
    My question is.... What are the tough guys going to do when they get caught using and dealing these illegal drugs?  Are they going to cry for mommy when they are getting fucked in the ass for the first time while spending 3 to 5 years in the joint for being fucking retarded?
   Are they going to all of a sudden find God as some big ass mother fucker shoves his cock down their throat?  Find God?  Ya'll better find peace in your soul because this shit is going to on for awhile while you sit in the joint!
   What about the punks who go to Iowa City and get popped for dope?  Ya'll going to learn your lesson or be fucking retarded like usual?  If thats going to happen, then it's time for you to do some time in the joint!  Maybe your AD dad needs to go with you.  This way he'll stop bailing you out of bullshit!
   Wake the fuck up assholes!  To the parents of the wannabe stud who's really a bitch just like his daddy... Slap the taste out of his mouth or move on and let him die his own horrible death.  Thats what I'd do if I was his parent.  To the parent of the biggest fuck up to be in the system for awhile...  Stop thinking your to cool and hiding shit for the sake of the programs.  You know who you are motherfucker!  Be a man and slap the fuck out of your kid or let him learn the hard way in the joint.  I'd do both!
    The more I think about it Mr.Ad... Call the fucking police and have his worthless ass taken away.  He's a punk that everyone talks about... He's a worthless punk that everyone makes fun of you for.  Kick his punk ass to the curb and move on.  The best thing for his douche might be a big ass brother cock up his ass!
      Long story short..... Parents be involved with your children!  Watch their emotions and moods.  Check their eyes.  It aint rocket science fuckers.  Be a friend but dont be afraid to kick some ass when needed.
    To many young people are dying or going for a trip to the joint because we can't seem to figure out what to do!

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