Sunday, October 10, 2010

T.V. Ministers!

I've got this new idea.  I want to own my own internet semi-porn site and become a t.v. preacher at the same time.  Is that wrong of me?  I mean I can reach millions of people on both sides of the fence when it comes to the nudity/porn industry.
   Do I believe in religion?  Well.... Yes.... Do I believe in porn/nudity?  Well............. Yes.  Now why not have the best of both worlds?  I'm here to help ya'll!
    I'm looking to my left as I write this shit and I see the former evangalist Jim Bakker.  Now Jim tried.  He made millions by sucking money out of poor widows wanting to get to heaven.  Jim promised them under the sun and they kept sending their money.  Jim was married to one ugly bitch who has went to the other side now.  Don't know if it was heaven or hell.  Coulda been to the Mary Kay school of makeup.  Now Tammy Faye Bakker was one ugly cunt!  Jesus she was nasty.
   Jim decides in all of his millions to bring a young girl along to help him with his mission.  Her name was Jessica Hahn.  When i say this people I mean it.  She had and has outstanding tits!  Her ass could make a grown man cry!
    Now my plan is.... Make a soft core porn website.... You know, camel toes and painted boobies.  Then on the other side I let people know about me beinga minister.  I'm here to save their souls from damage as long as they subscribe to my religion/porn site.  I'm here to save some souls as they jack off!  My lord above I care about the people of the world!
   Next thing on my agenda is to find a straight up ho who loves religion and anal sex!  Then we're in heaven motherfuckers!  I can stick my ballbat up her love hole as I preach the gospel to her!  As she's about to reach her 4th orgasm, this is when she's calling out God's name over and over.  When this happens, I know I've reached my flock!  My lord above I love being a porn/preacher!

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