Sunday, October 10, 2010

College Drunk Chicks!

College keggers and parties are what make the world go around.  I've been there, so I know whats going on!  You have 5 days of studying and then it's the weekend!  Whatcha gonna do?  Party like a mother fucker is what your going to do!
   The best parties are after ballgames.  Could be football or basketball.  If your school wins, then everyone is jacked to the hilt!  Dudes are always setting these parties up.... The chicks are coming to the parties for two things.  Get drunk free and to find a man of the future.  
    Now I promise you that there's always that one girl who gets fucked up beyond all reasoning at each and every party thrown!   She's the type of gal who's willing to be the life of the party.  She'll do the jaeger bombs!  She'll do the keg stands!  She'll be the first one to show her tits to the entire crowd!
    Then when your least expecting it, you find her making out with another hot chick in the bathroom.  She's the first one who'll let another girl fuck her pussy with her finger and all.  My God above she must be an angel!   She's that one girl who after making out and fingering the cheerleader is the first one falling down at the party.  Bless her little heart!!!  Her father must be happy as fuck knowing his hard earned money is going to a great education!
   After throwing down with the cheerleader she's goes into the other room and sucks off the quarterback!  My lord she's popular as fuck!  2 hours later she's the one when you walk in the bedroom to get your coat is bent over like she's at the Catholic alter going to mass!  Taking it in the mouth and pussy!  Now her mother must be proud!  Then out of nowhere, she's passed out.  In about 4 hours she's gotten a girl off.  She's gotten the quarterback off.  She's gotten the offensive line off.  Then it's time for her to get off!  HELLO BATHROOM AND THE TOILET!  This bitch is puking like she's been taking chemo for the last 4 days straight!
     When she wakes up the next day, you know she's feeling kinda queezy.  Bless her little (used to be) virgin heart.  Now she's wondering why her asshole and pussy feel like jello.  She's wondering why her mouth is stretched beyond repair!  I need answers she thinks..... Then 10 days later in her email she gets answers.  We have pictures sucking off goats and other assorted farm animals.  Bless her little (now non virgin) heart!
    Theres the photo's of her doing keg stands with a cock instead of a beer bong.  Bless her  heart!  Theres the photos of her banging the cheerleader.  The quarterback. (of course his photo is blacked out for publicity reasons)
    Then theres the photo's of her sitting on the shitter with a trash can held to her face.  This my friends is american for all college gals!  Your making your parents proud ladies!  God bless and lets hope theres a cream to cure your herpes!

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