Sunday, October 3, 2010

Peyton vs. Eli Manning

  It's football season and I've got a few opinions about it.  First of all I fucking hate the NFL!  Depending on what market you live in you usually get the local teams on t.v.  NOT NOW!  Now it's who's hot and who's not.  
   I've got CBS,FOX,NBC and ESPN to show me the games.
   They tell me what the fuck i'm going to watch.... Wanna know my reaction to this situation?  FUCK YOU!  
Stick your bullshit up your ass!   This is the reason I love college football.  You get the teams that are hot and the teams that will be honored at the end of the season!  NCAA Football rocks ass!
   Now back to my rant.  It's about the Manning boys.. Peyton plays for the Colts and Eli plays for the Giants.  Both are good.  I mean real good.  If not, they wouldnt be in the NFL.  Question here though.  How come both of them are on t.v. all the goddamn time?  I mean Peyton is doing shit that hasnt been seen since Dan Marino.  Problem here is Eli!  This puke can't even tie his fucking shoes without falling down!
    Does Peyton have a connection with somebody to make sure Eli is taken care of?  This fuck is one retarded puke who shouldnt even be starting in New York!  Sage Rosenfels is twice the qb Eli is!  How come everytime I turn on the t.v. I have to see Eli's ugly ass pitching everything from carpet cleaner to asshole cleansing devices!
    Eli might have won a Super Bowl and everything but he didnt win it!  The fucking team did!
   Eli gives the worst interviews ever!  He mumbles and kicks back to his hillbilly ways.  My lord Eli is a fuckhead!   I'm sorry to be a downer but I hate to even look at this fag!
     I have this sneaky feeling that Eli likes butter and honey shoved up his ass while some hairy dude calls him Margy!
                                         Fuck the Giants and fuck Eli Manning!

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