Thursday, October 14, 2010

Babies momma done hit the road.

  My partner Zeke and I have this kid working for us down at the local whatchamacallit.  For the purpose of not wanting his name out there, we'll call him "Goober".
    Goober's been working for us for a few months now.  When we hired him, he seemed like a pretty nice guy who might be able to help us out.  He's skinny little fuck who fancies NASCAR with a passion.  Personally I could care less about NASCAR.  Like I always say.... "TURN LEFT MOTHERFUCKERS TURN LEFT!"
     Goober joined us in the summer time when we could wear shorts.  First thing I noticed was the the little cocksucker has nascar tatoos on his legs.  He's either really into NASCAR or one hell of a fucktard.  Now back to my story.  Goober isn't the best employee ever.  Kinda lazy with a fuck that attitude.  I've been having to ride him like a fucking show pony because the little cunt wont do much without someone having to hold his goddamn hand.
   Now comes his pitty party.  Seems that his old lady has been hanging out with some local whore.  I dont know her.  Could care less if I do know her.  All I know is Goober's babie's momma don't come home no mo!  Skinny little prick is walking around with his head hanging lower then John Holmes cock during his porn days. 
   Goober's babie's momma also has kids of her own.  Now Goober being a smart one loves his babie's momma's own kids as much as his own.  Bless his skinny crackwhore ass for that.  Problem is... The stupid fucker wants to take her kids in along with his own.  Now thats pretty fucking retarded to me!
  Goober's crying that he's going to miss her daughter and all that shit.  Little does he realize is that that cunt is going to ass rape him for child support already.  Goober!!!  Shut the fuck up son!  Back away slowly and don't be so goddamn loving for once!   It's time for Goober to walk away.... Plan on paying child support for the next 18 years. 
   My advice to you Goober is to go down to the local watering hole and find some skank who will suck your cock clean.  Take her home for a few days then never call her again.  If by chance she gets your number, tell her theirs been a mistake and you think by her fucking you theres a chance you might be gay.  NOW do this every weekend! 
   Make sure you wear a condem..  Make sure you don't give out your name.  Make sure you never EVER let her see what you drive. 

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