Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Night Lights! Again!

  Tonight I was back on the road working some radio with some dear friends.  There was that one guy and Bryant. (Not his real name!)  We're heading west checking out probably the greatest team in the state's history when it comes to football.
   We go to a Class 3A town called Harlan.  They have won multiple state championships for the last 35 years.  Infact, their head coach has been inducted into the National High School Coaches Association's Hall of Fame.  We'll call him Curt.  His attitude is what makes winners.  He pretty much doesnt give a fuck about nothing but what he believes in.  A man after my own heart!
   We show up to Harlan to watch them play the Winterset Huskies.  Winterset's having a pretty good year.  I just dont think they have any idea what they've gotten themselves into with this game.  I was at a funeral last week in Winterset and was talking to some cousins that are Huskies boosters.  They tell me that they want this game!  I have to be honest.  I shit myself.
   I look my cousins and ask them if they know what they are getting into?  They laugh and say it's their time to kick some Harlan Cyclone ass!  I laugh again and proceed to wipe my ass.  It's about game time when the Harlan Community High School Varsity Marching Band does the National Anthem.  I look to my left and there are some people holding the largest flag I've ever seen!
   The song is getting played..  Next thing you know doves or pigeons are getting released.  Looked more like pigeons to me.  BOOOOOOM!  Next thing you know someone fires off a fucking cannon.  I swear to God above three to seven pigeon's/doves just met their maker.  I aint seen that much bloodshed since last weeks Iowa State vs. Utah game!
   Time for kickoff...  Winterset gets the ball.  Ooopsie.  Fumble!  Harlan runs it back for a score... I look intot the crowd and see my cousin hide his head.  Winterset ball again.  Holy shit the Huskies score!  Now were tied!  Looking at my cousin and this lilttle fuck is all cocky now.  Settle down corky it's a long game I'm telling you!
   We go to half time with Harlan leading Winterset 27 to 20.  One hell of a game here folks!  I saunter up to the stands to talk to my cousin.  He tells me that Winterset will be making adjustments.  I say.... I have this feeling that Harlan will be making adjustments also.  KICKOFF SECOND HALF!
   Harlan gets the ball.  SCORE!  Winterset gets the ball. NOTHING!  Harlan gets the ball back... SCORE!
  It goes on like this for awhile.  I look up into the stands and my cousin is now gone.  Well you little fuck!  I told you what was going to happen.  Remember this Brian!  Respect my fucking opinions!  I know highschool football and I told you!
      Final score Harlan 55 Winterset 34.  Alot closer game then I thought.  I did predict a 21 point win and that happened.  When I told that to my cousin, he told me I was a retard.  Well Brian...... This retard knows football!  Now to end it all... I hate Winterset football!  I hate Harlan football!   Fuck both of you!  Go Lewis Central!

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