Friday, October 8, 2010

When will it stop?!?!?

  I'm doing my everyday thing.  My everyday thing is looking up retarded shit across the world!  I love to look this up and rant on it.  It makes me feel good inside that I'm not as fucking stupid as other people!
   SO..............  I'm looking up some shit when I come across this idiot that lives close to me here in the south.  He's a "Success Coordinator for the school district.  The latest example of his stupidity is that he beats his girlfriend up... MY god he's a fucking man!  I dig deeper.  The sumbtich has been arrested for more then one assault and public intoxication.  OH! OH! OH! OH!  I forgot about the arrest in Missouri for cocaine possession!  
    This man beats the ever living shit out of his girlfriend and gets arrested.  He admits it all.  He has all of these other charges against him.  Nothing in the school district is done!  Wanna know what they did?  Let me tell you..... This piece of shit gets a 10 day paid suspension!  What the fuck are the admins thinking?
    Now if that was me or you, I have this feeling we'd be in jail.  I wonder who the fuck this bastard is fucking!?
   I mean how can you beat your girlfriend, get public intoxication charges and cocaine charges from  another state be hired to be a success coordinator?  Long story short, a success coordinator is someone who oversee's a detention!  Infact, I've had students tell me how he brag's about going out drinking and partying!  What the fuck are the admins and school board thinking?
    Is the admins and school board to fucking scared to mention anything?  If so, let me know!  I'll spill the fucking beans!  You are a bunch of fucktards!  I guess if this doesn't stop soon,  I'll be motivated to go public!  I guess the local paper would love a story like this!  When this happens, I wonder what other shit the paper would want to know?

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