Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ranking college football bowl game sites.

  It's New Year's Day and I've been watching a plethora of college bowl games.  For the 2010-2011 there are 35 bowl games.  To many in my opinion but what am I going to do about it?
   I've been to a few bowl games and I'll tell you what,  there are some really nice bowl sites and some really shitty bowl sites.  I've been to a few of the sites where bowl games are played also.  Let me give you some insight on some of these.
   You've got the GoDaddy.Com Bowl played in Mobile, Alabama.  Who in the hell wants to go to Alabama in the damn winter time? Mobile is a shit town with shit every where.  You couldn't pay me enough money to go to that God forsaken game.  The New Mexico Bowl in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Nice area to watch a bowl game.  It's not a big bowl but I'd go just for the food experience.
   The uDrive Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, Idaho.  No way in hell am I going to Boise, Idaho in the middle of December!  I had a chance once to go there for this game but said fuck that and went to Florida instead.  R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl.  New Orleans, Louisiana.  This is a shit bowl played in a party town!  If you can stay on the French Quarter and out of the slums you should love this.
    Beef O' Brady's Bowl.  St. Petersburg, Florida.  You'll love the white sands from the gulf of mexico.  You have St. Pete and Tampa to party in.  Two great cities for a bow game!  MAACO Las Vegas Bowl.  Las Vegas, Nevada.  Another shit bowl in another great city!  You can do anything in Vegas on the cheap.  Cheap flights.  Cheap hotels.  Cheap entertainment.  You can get free beer all night long just by playing nickel slot machines.  I'd go to this one in a heart beat.
     San Diego County Credit Union Poinsietta Bowl.  San Diego, California.  Hell yeah I'm going to this game!  San Diego in December?  That's a wet dream waiting to happen!  Sheraton Hawaii Bowl Honolulu, Hawaii.  10 hours to fly for a bowl game?  Fuck that!  Hawaii is over rated, over priced, over tourist!  $1500.00 to $2000.00 for a plane ticket.  $350.00 to $500.00 per night for a hotel.  Food prices are double then the states.  Kiss my ass Hawaii!
    Little Ceasar's Bowl. Detroit, Michigan.  Besides being in Detroit, I'd go.  Just don't be out late on the town.  They'll kill you for looking at some one wrong.  Advocare V100 Independence Bowl.  Shreveport, Louisiana.  This is as close to hell you can get with out being there.  It's a shit city.  A shit stadium.  All they have is one casino that doesn't pay worth a fuck.  The only thing you hear all night long is police sirens.
   Champs Sports Bowl.  Orlando, Florida.  One word for you.  DISNEY!  Insight Bowl. Tempe, Arizona.  Beautiful city with tons of things to do.  Nothing better then a winter in the southwest!  Military Bowl.  Washington, D.C.  I'm not sitting at a bowl game in -3 degree weather in fucking Washington D.C.!  Shit city.  Simple as that.
   Texas Bowl.  Houston, Texas.  If you can get over seeing homeless people living under the bridges near the stadium, you'll be ok and love this bowl experience.  Great stadium with great hospitality!  They know how  to run a bowl down there.  Just make sure to stay in the nice part of Houston and all will be ok.
   Alamo Bowl.  San Antonio, Texas.  Beautiful city!  Great hospitality with great food.  Great shopping along the boardwalk.  A bowl worth going to.  Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl.  Dallas, Texas.  Fantastic city with tons of shopping.  I'd go!  New Era Pinstripe Bowl Bronx, New York.  I know you'v got Broadway.  I know you've got the New Yankee Stadium.  I know it's the city that never sleeps.  Two words for this bowl  Fuck you!  I'm not sitting in -10 degree weather watching a bowl game listening to obnoxious New Yawkas.  Fuck them!
   Music City Bowl. Nashville, Tenessee.  My lord this is one of my favorite cities in the world.  I'd go every year!  Holiday Bowl.  San Diego, California.  Once again.  A wet dream waiting to happen!  Meineke Car Care Bowl.  Charlotte, North Carolina.  One of my favorite regions in the United States.  The hospitality down there is second to none.  I'd go every year!
   Sun Bowl.  El Paso, Texas .  There aint shit in El Paso.  NOT ONE Goddamn thing in El Paso!   Fuck this bowl.  Liberty Bowl Memphis, Tennesee.  Nice city!  You've got Graceland, Sun Records, BBQ and fantastic people!  Just stay on the right side of the city.  Chik-Fil-A Bowl.  Atlanta, Georgia.  Another nice city with plenty of things for you to do. Just don't piss anyone off.  They'll kill you.
   TicketCity Bowl. Dallas, Texas.  Forget it.  It's played at the Cotton Bowl.  A tradition it's self but it's now a shit venue!  Played in a shit part of Dallas.  Fuck this one.  BBVA Compass Bowl.  Birmingham, Alabama.  Nothing in Birmingham.  Time for this bowl to go bye bye.  Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. San Francisco, California.  Frisco is a beautiful city with tons of history.  I'd probably do it!  
    Capital One Bowl.  Orlando, Florida.  Once again you've got Mickey Mouse!  Outback Bowl.  Tampa, Florida.  Beautiful area with a class act bowl game.  I'd do it now!  Progressive Gator Bowl.  Jacksonville, Florida.  I've been to this one.  It's a nice bow game in a shit stadium.  Parts of Jacksonville are nice, others are pure shit.  I'd go again.
   Rose Bowl. Pasadena, California.  Hell yes I'd go!  It's the Grand Daddy of em all baby!  Fiesta Bowl. Glendale, Arizona  I'd be there in a second if needed.  Fantastic southwest flavor is something you can't miss.
   Orange Bowl. Miami, Florida  If this was 10 years ago I'd tell you to stick it in your ass.  The Orange Bowl stadium used to be in the shittiest part of Miami where people get killed every day.  Now since it's moved, I'd go.   Sugar Bowl.  New Orleans, Louisiana.  Once again people it's Party Central!  ATT Cotton Bowl.  Dallas, Texas  It's not played in the Cotton Bowl Stadium any more.  Now it's moved to the new Texas Stadium.  I'd go there now.  Not before though.
     The BCS National Championship Game.  I don't give a fuck where it's played.  If I have a chance to go, I'm going!

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