Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snooki! Aren't your 15 minutes of fame all used up?

  Some people are lucky to get noticed once in a lifetime.  Some people are lucky to have the world by the balls with their fame.  Some people can continue to be noticed their whole lives.  Some get their 15 minutes of fame.
   Then there is Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.  She's this 23 year old wonder bitch from MTV's tv show "Jersey Shore".  She's loud, obnoxious, crude, rude and down right retarded.  Her and her cast mates are living in New Jersey at some summer house.  It's a house of Italian-American college aged kids living together partying, fighting, loving and pretty much being stupid so it can be filmed for reality tv.
    The one pain in the ass of the house is Nicole "Snooki" Polizza.  She stands 4'9" tall and I swear to you it looks like she weighs 175lbs.  This bitch is as fucking wide is she is as tall.  When I talk about Snooki, I want to commend her for being the skankiest piece of shit walking the earth today.  It's this simple.  There isn't enough beer in the world to get me drunk enough to fuck this sorry cunt.  True dat!
    She's made an ass out of herself for the last 3 years on tv.  Now she's just got done writing a book called "A Shore Thing" and is pimping her fat ass all over the network talk shows.  Watching her interviews, I have came to the reality that she's pretty fucking stupid.  Maybe it's just me thinking this but I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one.
    In some of the episodes you see her drunker then some sailor on a 24 hour pass.  The whole time she's trying to get some stupid drunk fucker to hammer her fat ass.  It usually happens.  My God above what the fuck are these people thinking?  I mean her ass is so goddamn fat you could stick a watermelon up their and never notice a difference!
    Here's my plea for 2011.  Try and cut down on the reality tv shows all over the networks.  This shit is getting old fast.  When I say fast, I mean old as yesterday.  To the guido's and guidettes of Jersey Shore, get a life.  Find something worth while.  Try and be somebody besides some fuck who thinks he/she is the next big thing.  Your not!!
    Last but not least.... Snooki.... Lose some weight.  Cut your fucking hair.  Clean up your language.  Take off half of the make up you use.  Last but not least.  Stop being a whore.  In real life and on television!

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