Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 NFL All Pro Team.

  I can honestly say that I know the college football game inside and out.  I don't claim to be an expert on the NFL but I feel I know it pretty damn good.  I've decided to embark on my own NFL All Pro team for this last season along with award winners in my opinion.  Here we go sports fans!  If you like or dislike, feel free to leave a comment.
    Were going to start with the general of the team, the quarterback.  There were alot of great players this year but I'm going to have to go with a sure hall of famer.
Qb.  Tom Brady: New England Patriots.  He threw for almost 4,000 yards and led the league in touchdown passes.  Also led his team to the league's best overall record.
 Rb.  Arian Foster: Houston Texans.  Led the league in rushing yards and touchdowns.  Jamaal Charles:  Kansas City Chiefs.  Led the league in yards per rush and led the Chiefs back to the playoffs after a long layoff.
Wr.  Roddy White: Atlanta Falcons.  Led the league in receptions this season.  Him and Matt Ryan took the Falcons to the best record in the NFC.  Reggie Wayne: Indianapolis Colts.  Year after year one the NFL's best recievers.  This year was no different.
Te.  Jason Whitten: Dallas Cowboys.  With Dallas Clark being injured all year for the Colts, Whitten stepped up and took over the All Pro nod.
 T.  Jason Peters:  Philadelphia Eagles.  Jake Long: Miami Dolphins.
 G.  Chris Snee:  New York Giants.  Logan Mankins: New England Patriots
 C.  Nick Mangold: New York Jets
        Now it's time for the defense.  This was one hard son of a bitch to figure out who is the best because there are so many good players.  
 De.  Justin Tuck: New York Giants.  Justin Smith: San Francisco 49ers
 Dt.  Ndamukong Suh:  Detroit Lions (rookie)  Trent Cole: Philadelphia Eagles.
Olb. James Harrison: Pittsburgh Steelers  Chad Greenway: Minnesota Vikings
Ilb.  Ray Lewis:  Baltimore Ravens.  Jerod Mayo: New England Patriots
 Cb. Devin McCourty: New England Patriots.  Asante Samual: Philadelphia Eagles
 S.    Ed Reed:  Baltimore Ravens.

 P.   Matt McBriar:  Dallas Cowboys
 K.  Billy Cundiff:  Baltimore Ravens
KR. Devin Hester:  Chicago Bears
 Pr.  Marc Mariani:  Tennessee Titans.
       Now to the awards.
     Offensive Rookie of the Year:  Sam Bradford: St.Louis Rams  This kid threw for the second highest amount of yards for a rookie ever.  Look for better things in St.Louis!
     Defensive Rookie of the Year:  Ndamukong Suh: Detroit Lions.  Dominated offensive linemen all year ended up with 10 sacks on the season.
     Offensive Player of the Year:  Tom Brady: New England Patriots
     Defensive Player of the Year:  Ed Reed:  Baltimore Ravens
      Comeback Player of the Year:  Micheal Vick: Philadelphia Eagles. 
     NFL MVP:  Micheal Vick: Philadelphia Eagles:  2 years after getting out of prison for being a fucking retard, Vick proved once again that he is the most exciting player to put on cleats in the NFL.  Without him, the Eagles are sitting at home during the playoffs.  With him, they have a chance at the Super Bowl.

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