Friday, January 21, 2011

It's time for change in college athletics!

  Today I'm reading in the Des Moines Register about two former Iowa Hawkeye football players that were being tried for rape of another Iowa Hawkeye female athlete.  The story is that the girl went to a party and got drunk.  She then went back to the athletic dorms and got raped by two football players.  She turns them in and they lie about it.  Next thing you know they are arrested and a trial is set.
   Now almost 3 years later the trial has come to fruation.  The trial for these two pieces of shit takes almost 2 weeks.  The victim takes the stand.  One of the players cops a plea with the county attorney to testify against his former teammate and roommate.  The piece of shit takes the stand and reverses what he was going to testify about.  Tells everyone that she was the aggressor and she wanted to be raped.
   One of the rapists is found guilty of assault and that's it.  The verdict for the other comes out in  the next few days.  I'm really feeling bad for the victim in this case.  This girl get raped by not one guy but two and they get a fucking slap on the hand.  I call bullshit.  Then theres the rape accusation at Notre Dame.  The football player rapes the gal and then she reports it.  Notre Dame people do nothing.  The police do nothing.  The act of rape was pretty much ignored.  Infact the accused player was able to still compete in games while this investigation was going on.  Guess what happened next?  The accuser killed herself!  She commited suicide!
    These athletes need to be held accountable and held accountable now!  Fuck kicking them off the team.  Put their lazy spoiled asses in prison now!  Have someone rape their asses and ask them how it feels.  Motherfuckers need to die now.
    The NCAA needs to hold the universities accountable for the athletes actions.  They need to start taking away scholarships for the actions of the athletes who do these horrible things.  Hit  the university's in the pocket book and see how they like that shit!  Hell, take away some of the t.v. money and see what happens.  Hell take away some of the conference money and see what happens.  
    All I know is that I've got a college aged daughter that I worry about at her school.  There are young men walking around thinking they are cool as all fucking get out.  Then there are the athletes at this school.  These "kids" think their collective shit doesn't stink.  I'm afraid that my kid will be at a party and one of these degenerate fucks will take advantage of my little girl.  I tell her to have fun and enjoy the college life but be "real" careful.  Do not trust anyone!
    Make sure your careful of any one being an asshole I tell her.  I know your going to have a few drinks and such but don't get retarded drunk where you don't have a clue about where your at or whats going on.  I want her to make sure that there is one person in her group staying sober at all times.  I don't care how much the drunk girl bitches and moans that she's fine and ok.  That she doesn't need a babysitter and such.  The problem is that she does need a babysitter!
   We need the sober ones to stand up and make a stand to make sure their friends get home safe.  We need them to make sure that over zealous drunken athletes do not try and take advantage of these ladies.  The next thing I want is for these ladies to stand up for eachother. Fuck the universities pressure.  You can get lawyers to help you.  These establishments need to realize that they aren't God!!  The world doesn't evolve around the universities and their football programs.  Fuck them!
   What I want is for people to realize that alot of people are evil and need brought down for their actions.  These young ladies do not need to be victims who are ignored when it comes down to using the judicial system.  I hope and pray that this shit gets settled now instead of later.  We've already lost people because of selfishness on the part of universities and them making money off the athletic programs.

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