Friday, January 7, 2011

It's time to help the kids.

  Around 10 years ago there was a mass shooting at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado.  A couple of kids grabbed some semi-automatic weapons and had one hell of a day killing and injuring students and teachers alike.
    These kids had been pondering what to do for weeks until the great shootout happened.  They had sat down and figured out how and who to kill or either injure.  Yesterday I was reading the newspaper when I notice a 17 year old kid took a gun to school and killed the vice principal and injured the principal.  Then he took his own life.
   What in God's name is going on with these kids?  This kind of shit is seen each and everyday on the news.  As I'm reading this report in the paper, I get to thinking.  I'm thinking of how I was a high school kid.  I remember some hard times from kids who thought they were the "shit" around the old high school.  I remember getting into fights with dudes who were pissed because I was dating a girl they liked.  The resident asshole was usually some fuckhead who's parents bought him "that" car everyone liked.  Then you find out his parents aren't worth shit but they look good trying.
   I remember when I was in high school and they so called "cool" kids picked on the shy ones.  Belittling them till they ran to their cars and headed out.  Finding the shy kids and beating them up for no reason.  I'm not shitting when i say this but there were times that I stood up for the shy kids so the"cool" kids wouldn't beat them up.  Now after remembering this shit I can understand why kids act out with violence.
   We've got punk fuck kids thinking they are tough bastards picking on the weak kids.  Thats bullshit.  What the fuck is the tough kids going to do when they are staring down the barrel of a .38?  I'll tell you what they are going to do.  Shit themselves and kiss some major ass!  Hell people they will offer to suck dick if they can live.
   Now we have the internet with the social media being a major pain in the fucking ass!  Kids today are bullying on the internet each and ever day.  Facebook is a great thing to catch up with old friends but it's bitch on the kid being picked on at school.  I'm going to be honest here, I dont know what I would have done when I was in school if this shit would have been around.  Teachers can only do so much, parents can only try so much.  
   What we need to do is stop the social bullying.  We need to enact more policing at the school levels.  I know that school administrators are very very busy but we need something here.  It's time for teachers to start noticing whats going on with their students.  I know I know that they have tons of students but they have to atleast take a look.  It's time for the parents to step up and be a fucking parent!  My daughter was getting bullied in school and the internet a few years back and I took control.  I confronted the other party along with their parents and let it be known it will not be tolerated.  It stopped.  
   Make the bullies know that they aren't the cools one.  If by chance you need to knock the fuck out of one of them, DO IT.
    Let's let kids grow up with out bullshit.  Let them grow and become something in society.  If we don't help them, we'll end up with more deaths.  It's a growing trend more and more each and every day.  Step up and help people!

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