Monday, January 3, 2011

The Start of Second Semester

  Having a daughter in high school and having some friends that are high school teachers I want to say "welcome back!" to school and the second semester.  I know you've been off during Christmas (oops "holiday") break.  I hope each of you had a great Christmas. (shit! "holiday")
    The time has come though.  It's time to get back to work for teachers and students alike.  Some of you can't wait to get back to teaching and learning.  Some of you can't wait till retirement age.  
   I'm praying that the students are willing to learn.  I'm praying that the teachers don't go off and kill a tweener.  There's been alot of pent of tension lately between some of the students and some of the teachers.  I'm going to get down on my knees and pray that these people can solver their differences.  If not, I don't know whats going to happen.
     We've got these little punks thinking they are the next gangsters of the world.  We've got teachers trying to teach these ungrateful little fucks for little pay.  It's a war about ready to happen. It won't be the teachers who get stupid, it will be that one little psycho twat with the painted face and black leather pants.  He's going to do something stupid and then be reprimanded.  It happens all the time.  The only problem is that this idiot kid will get mouthy as all get out.  This pisses off the teacher but they hold back.
   There's nothing these defenseless teachers can do.  They have to sit back and take the shit of some gothic warrior wannabe.  I wish there was a rule somewhere stating that a teacher gets one free shot per year on one student they wish to.  I think that would stop alot of the bullshit going on in the school systems. 
   I guess all a teacher can do it grab the little fucker into a head lock and tell him that "Jesus loves him."  Pat the little bastard on the head and tell him that you love him and will pray for all of his sins.  Take his hand and tell him you can tell he's a lost soul that needs prayers and you will lead them at the next assembly.  
   If all of this fails, tell the cunt that when he turns 18 your going to personally come to his house, throw down his water bong and kick his fucking ass.  Maybe that will wake the son of a bitch up.

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