Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow in 49 states.

  It has been reported that snow has fallen in 49 of a possible 50 states, this includes Hawaii.  Well hell people.  Welcome to my fucking world!  I live in the heartland where it has snowed in the last 3 days 17".  Get over it and move on.  This shit will eventually melt.
   The only state that the snow hasn't fallen in is Florida.  Here's my opinion of the situation of Florida.  Fuck you!  Stop being pussies and join the crowd and bring in some snow.  Whenever it gets to the freezing level in Florida, people get all queezy and shit themselves.  OH my Oh my Oh my! The oranges will freeze!  What about when we have a drought in Iowa?  I guess there aint going to be any fucking corn that year.  People in Florida never worry about us up here.  SO fuck you Floridians!
    Why do people in the southern states drive like idiots when it snows?  Most people in the world own front wheel drive vehicles.  The key to driving in the snow is to slow down and be careful.  Do not be a fucking idiot!  It's simple as fuck people.  Its so cold here they complain!  Guess what?  You wont be cold if you dress right.  Put on some goddamn gloves and a fucking coat.  Not rocket science there people.
   A little old lady went out the other night to cover her orange tree.  She fell down and froze to death.  Isn't this such a tragedy?  Ummmm NO!  The bitch should have never left the house to take care of that shit.  Stay inside and turn on the fucking furnace.  Life will be good then moron.  In retrospect, the old bitch should have died for her stupidity!
    My bitch for this blog is this.  Snow is snow.  WE do not have to over think any thing about it.  The shit will melt and you can drive on it if your not fucking stupid.  If you let the dog out to take a shit and it dies it's because you left the poor little fucker out to long.  If you are going out for a walk and the next thing you know you have frostbite it's because you were retarded and didn't get back inside in time.  Do not be retarded!
    I know it's snowing like a motherfucker all over the United States of America but we need to settle down and relax about it.  Once again.  The shit will melt!  If you for some reason do not have heat in your house, go and buy a fucking space heater.  Just watch what your doing with it.  Do not leave it unattended.  There is always a chance that it could catch on fire.  Other then that people, sit back and watch some HBO and enjoy life.  It will melt!

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