Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Ultimate Fight.

I'm sitting here tonight kicking back with a beer and pondering the past college football season. I'm flipping through channels on the old tv when I come across "StrikeForce Challenger Series" on The Showtime Network.
It's all about ultimate fighting. You know where two people get into an octagon cage and fight using mixed martial arts. You can either knock your opponent out, make them submit or beat them by decision. I have to say that these men and women who are doing this are some of the finest athletes I've ever witnessed. My lord above they have to be some of the toughest son of a bitches known to man!
Strike Force Challenger Series, Ultimate Fighting, MMA, and other pro leagues are big time. They have the pay per views and are on television all the time. Then you have your local redneck leagues. I've been to a few of the local events and came away honestly very impressed with a few athletes. It's the punk fuck kids who are just out of high school and think they are bad asses. Most of the little cocksuckers are doped up and have no clue what the fuck life is all about.
You have a few different styles of "local" fight action. You have the programs that are ran by a couple of fat fucks wanting to make a few bucks by watching some "kids" beat eachothers asses. Then you have the programs that want to think they are going to be a nice league someday. The ones how rent out the local American Legion Hall and put on a program. Usually you have some tougher "kids" fighting here. There are title belts at stake with these federations.
Then you move to the semi-pro leagues. This is where it gets actually really interesting. You have athletes that fight here wanting to get to the big time. You've got a local public access cable tv show recording this and showing it at a later time. You have fan clubs and t-shirts getting sold. You have 2,500 people showing up at actual nice venues. Were almost to the bigtime. This is when you see some serious action going on.
At this level you have 2 to 3 guys who will have the chance to make a name for themselves. These two or three are usually the "main event" for the night. You still have some punk fucks who come in all drugged up and thinking they are the baddest motherfuckers on the planet. Or thats what they tell people back home in the trailer court. If by chance you get to see some of this action live, I want you to take the time and go! It's well worth the entrance fee. Just make sure to watch the "real" fighters wanting to make a name for themselves. The other fuckheads can just go away.

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