Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's wrong with people?

Arizona Democrat Gabrielle Giffords was shot down today infront of a Safeway grocery store along with 12 others.  A 9 year old little girl was killed during this shooting spree.  What in God's name is going on?
  Giffords was shot in the head.  The bullet went through the brain and out of her skull.  At this time they say she is responding to doctors.  The person who supposedly shot her is a unstable 22 year old man named Jared Loughner.  He left a tirade on youtube and myspace.
  United States Federal Judge John Roll stopped by after mass to see Giffords and was killed during the melee.  The sad thing was that Giffords was an advicate of freedom to bare arms.  She was a total believer in people having guns if they want.  Idiot Sarah Palin said to reporters before this happened that Giffords was a target of hers in the midterm elections.  Imagine that.  Sarah Palin being a fucking moron.
   My rant is about to start.  How can some fucking idiot get into a crowd with full security and shoot down a politician?  Not only the politician but 12 others?  How can we let some fucking retard kill a 9 year old little girl over nothing?  What kind of douchebag is going to kill someone else because they do not believe in their politics?
   I've been a democrat for most of my life until the last few years where I've became an independent.  Now it's time for my opinion on this bullshit.  Take Jared Loughner and stand him up infront of the court house and kill him with 100 bullets.   I don't give a fuck if you have to stand next to his head.  Shoot it 100 times till there is nothing left.  
   I believe in the American way.  I don't believe in abortion but I don't think it's right to tell me I can't have one.  I believe in the death penalty just don't use it for justice until you've exhausted every avenue to make sure the accused is guilty.  I don't believe in welfare unless it's proven that you can't make it without using assistance.  That means get a fucking job!  If you can't find a job then we'll go from there.
   I believe in the right to bare arms.  I believe in the right to protect my house and family.  If you come into my house and fuck with me, your going to be hurt one way or another.  I think when someone kills someone that is of power in the government we need to work fast and not have trials that last for years.  If and when this person is found guilty, it's time to put them to death.  NO prison terms.  Death.

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