Saturday, January 29, 2011

National Signing Day.

   National Signing Day is in the next few days for college football.  This is the day when high school seniors and junior college transfers can sign with Division I schools to play football.  This is the day when the rich get richer.  When i say this I mean you have the powerhouses of college football getting all of the "blue chip" recruits.
    Your top teams like Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Penn State, Michigan and others get their way with all of the top incoming players.  Your second class citizens of college football work their collective asses off to get 2 and 3 star athletes to come and play for their universities.  
     The whole time you have all of this money with the "major" schools being passed around to help the football program.  With this money, they can upgrade the stadium, the practice facilities, the weight room, the player personal room, the locker room.  Everything is fantastic for the "upper" class programs.
   When national signing day starts, you have these retarded rituals being performed in area high schools.  They sit around with about 5 to 10 different college hats infront of them.  Then the drama builds as they all of a sudden pull the hat of the college they are going to out and put it on their heads.  I call bullshit!  If that's my kid I tell them to just put it up on the table and never ever tease a program with your decision!
   My question is this.  How many father and son's are we going to see asking for money upfront to these universities?  We don't need another Cam Newton bullshit saga going on.  I know it's going to happen somewhere but we dont need it advertised all over the fucking world!  Cecil Newton wasn't wrong in doing what he did.  Cecil wasn't wrong for trying to get ahead.  Hell its the American way!  Cecil Newton was wrong for getting caught!
   In a perfect world I would love to see some sort of equality between all of college sports.  The bigger schools will always get the better athletes.  The bigger schools will always get more money.  The bigger schools will always get way ahead of the smaller schools.  To me that sucks some major goat balls.
     Good luck to your favorite teams this year when it comes to signing major players!  

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  1. I hope no one signs with Iowa. They don't even know how to lift weights correctly without ending up in the hospital