Monday, January 3, 2011

NFL Playoffs 2011

  Besides college football there's one other thing I love.  Thats when the NFL Playoffs start.  This is the moment where teams fight for a chance for the Mecca of Pro Football.  The Super Bowl! We all dream of playing in the Super Bowl while we are growing up.  It's obvious that I'm not going to play in it but I can sure give my opinion about it!
    NFL playoffs are just as exciting as the BCS National Championships!  I live for them every year!  I guess it's time for my predictions!  I'm actually pretty good at this shit, lets see how I do this year.
  Saturday January 8th 2011.  Seattle Seahawks at the New Orleans Saints.  In this matchup, I will take the Saints over the Seahawks in a rout.  Seattle doesnt even deserve to be in the fucking playoffs!  Drew Brees and his team mates will crush them in a heart beat.  If New Orleans loses, I'll suck your dick!
    New York Jets at the Indianapolis Colts.  WOW!  This is a tough one to call.  My heart tells me to never EVER bet against Peyton Manning.  He's most likely the greatest quarterback of all time when it's all said and done.  hmmmm This is a tough one here people!  Ok.  I'll take the home team!  Colts win by 1.
   Sunday January 9th 2011.  We've got the Baltimore Ravens vs. The Kansas City Chiefs.  Will the Ray Lewis led Ravens come into KC and kick some ass?  I can't tell for sure.  The Chiefs had a remarkable season this year.  Matt Cassell turned around his game and stood up and became a man for the Chiefs!  I'm going out on a limb here and am probably wrong.  I'm taking the Chiefs by 3 in this game.
   The Green Bay Packers at the Philadephia Eagles.  We have the dog killer vs. the team of the midwest.  Both are good teams here.  Do we have a clear cut winner?  NO!  My gut tells me that Mike Vick will perform some kind of magic and win this game.  
     My lord I can't wait to predict next weeks games!  I sure love playoff football people!

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