Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Problems with Facebook.

Since my daughter got her mother and I on "facebook", I've really enjoyed everything about it.  That is until people start stalking you.  I guess me being paranoid by reading reports in the paper and on the net have been looking out for "facebook stalkers".  
    I really haven't noticed anything but I still worry.  It's not like I have my social security number or anything out there or anything like that.  I've just been noticing and reading how employers are using "facebook" for employee evaluations and for hiring practices.   You mean you can't use a fucking resume?  That's a shit practice in my opinion!  My partner Zeke and I hire people all the time and we don't use "facebook" to sway our opinion.
    I've noticed in high schools that principals, activity director's and others are using "facebook" to "check" up on students.  If I'm a parent I'd be one pissed off motherfucker and take my laptop and shove it up some activity director's ass!  The Nazi Group running our school systems are using facebook to make sure if our children are good or not.  First of all assholes, it's not your place to check up on my kids.  If they are being fuckheads and get caught being fuckheads by the local popo, then bust their collective asses.  Until then fuck off!
   What if I'm at a teachers house kicking back a few Miller High Life's and someone takes a picture of the said teacher and put it on facebook?  Is that anyone's business?  Fuck no it's not!  What if I find a photo of a local law enforcement agent with him and his poodle?  Do I report it to the law enforcement agency or the local animal control?  I mean all the photo is, is the cop massaging his poodle nude.  Is that anyone's business?  Hell no it's not!
    What if I'm taking a piss outside of my house and some goober takes a pic of it and posts it on facebook?  Should I be fired for this?  If I am, I'll tell you what.  The neighbor and I are going to throw down!  I promise you this.  I refuse to let people judge me from facebook.  How about if I'm celebrating my daughters graduation and some fuck takes a pic of me doing a keg stand and posts it on facebook?  Is that my bosses business?  Hell no it's not!  I might decide to shave my ball sac and post it on facebook.  It's no one's business but mine for Christs sake!
   Next thing you know, the fucking government will be watching my facebook page to see if I'm making sure to thank George W. Bush for this fucked up world we live in.  To end this rant all I have to say is.....  Please do not let this "facebook" craze get the world stupid.  I mean the 26 year kid who invented this thing is set for life and could most likely give a fuck about anyone on this site.  
   Make time to take time to get with your friends either by letter, phone, email or in person.  Keep yourself in check on this facebook shit and do not give out to much info on this site.  People are assholes looking for anything to fuck with you over.

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