Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Rich Get Richer.

  It was announced today that The University of Texas will be getting their own television network to broadcast athletic events. ESPN and The University of Texas have partnered with a 20 year $300 million dollar contract.
    My dear friend Steve "The Boss" Bossenberger claims he graduated from UT back in the 90's.  For the purpose of this blog I will agree with him.  Steve and his family are "pure" Texas backers without hesitation.  I'm happy for "The Boss" and everything like that but I'm also pissed off because this just secures The University of Texas more money in their athletic coffers.
   With more money, UT will be able to dominate the world of NCAA athletics.  To me, that's not fair.  What about the smaller schools trying to make it a go in Division 1 athletics?  Where does that leave them?  What about the schools like Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Baylor?  How come they can't get some of the riches?  I know Texas is a huge market for ESPN but what the fuck?  
   Texas already has the largest athletic budget in the nation.  With an extra $15 million per year going into that it gives them an unrealistic advantage over all of the "small" market schools.  You can fit between 2 and 3 states of Iowa inside of the state of Texas.  It's that goddamn huge.  Your at a disadvantage in Ames, Iowa already when your recruiting against the University of Iowa, then this shit happens!
    In all of reality, I guess the little schools don't really matter.  The tv networks and the big brass at the NCAA want a "big" school like Texas in the National Championships every year.  It draws ratings and brings in more money to the big wigs in my opinion.  Fuck that!  What ever happened to equality?  I guess that's been thrown out the window years ago.
   My solution to all of this is to create a "Super" conference with your major programs and let them fight it out.  Winner take all.  Then create a "not so super" conference for the rest of the schools so they can fight it out like true players of the game.  Everyone loves the underdog but the underdog can't do shit against these "giants" of college athletics.  Money cures everyone's problems and their won't be enough for the little guy.
   I can say that I appreciate watching The University of Texas playing athletic games.  I just hate that they have the opportunity to win it all every year because of money.  I just want the little guy to have an equal chance of grabbing the gold ring.

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