Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My dream job.

   If you haven't figured it out by now, I love athletics.  I love anything to do with athletics.  There aren't to many sports I won't watch.  My favorites are college football, college basketball, volleyball and baseball.  I figure because I'm to old now I can't play it and want to do more then just watch it, I've decided I need to work in sports.
    My dream job would be to be an announcer of the games for which I love. I think my dream job would be for me to be an analyst for my favorite college teams.  I'd love to do either play by play or color commentating.  Who wouldn't want to do this?  You get paid a better then average wage to just kick back and announce the obvious of what you see on t.v.  
    You get to travel with the teams.  You get to be honest about what your seeing and most people will agree with you.  You get to go to the places in the world you've always wanted to and get paid for it.  You get to make long lasting relationships with people who will go on to professional athletics and still call them your friend.  If I couldn't be a television analyst, I would love to work for a sports magazine.  You get to travel all over the world and report what your seeing.  You can do human interest stories that will make a tear drop from about anyone.  You can cover the biggest games in the world all for free and getting paid at the same time!
    You can watch and report about the ups and down of being a major athlete or athletic team.  You can see  anguish and triumphant joy all at the same time.  I would love to be that "cub" reporter or analyst that get's "discovered" and the next thing you know your on some kind of national stage.  It could either be a major magazine or even better, some major network sports television show.  This is where you can give your honest opinion and have millions and millions either agree or disagree with you.  
    Now if I can get Chris Berman to read this and discover me everything will alright.  If not, that's ok with me.  I'll just go back to bed and find a new dream job.  I just pray to God above it's not being a janitor.

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