Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Michelle Obama's wardrobe

  Here we sit in one of our worst economic times in the history of the United States and people are worried bout what the fuck Michelle Obama is wearing while she get's off of Air Force1.  My lord above you mother fuckers need a new hobby!
   She's been away on a family vacation and you cocksuckers care about what the hell she's wearing when she gets off of the official plane?  Kiss my redneck ass!  For Christs sake she's married to the President of the United States!  
    Why do we give a flying fuck what she's wearing when she gets off of the goddamn plane?  If you haven't noticed we are now living in 2011!  She doesn't need to live like a fucking nun.  She doesn't need to make sure she has the skirt of choice on to make everyone in America happy!
    I know she's not the President of the United States but she still has tons of stress bestowed upon her.  Let this woman be her own woman!  Her husband might be the President but that's not her fault to give her shit about her private life!
    I don't give a fuck if she comes out in a school girls outfit wearing no panties and she flashes her pussy to the national press!  I dont give a fuck if she comes out of the oval office and flashes her tits to the world!  It doesn't matter!  It's her husband who needs to do well, not her.
   Get off of her ass and start finding some other shit to report about!  The Obama's aren't going away.  Barrack might not have done the job you wanted but I didnt see anyone fucking with Laura Bush while her old man was a fucking idiot while in office!  It's time to leave her alone and move on.  Fuck George W. Bush and his ways and it's time to find another asshole to pick on!

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