Friday, January 7, 2011

Oprah, When is enough enough?

      Dear, Oprah Winfrey,
I know your busy and all but I hope you can take a few minutes to answer a few questions of mine.  I know your really super busy in your fairytale world.  Just take the time and please answer a something for me.
   My question to you Ms. Winfrey is this.  When is enough enough?  I know you started at the bottom of the totem pole somewhere in the south where your family member assaulted you and all of that.  Trust me when i say this.  I feel you plight. I know you worked your ass off at some shithole t.v. stations to become an anchor there.  At one of these t.v. stations you met your long time secret lesbian lover Gayle King.  Bless both of your hearts.
   I know along the way after you became quasi famous you found your long time fake love Steadman.  God bless him.  We all know you own like 36 dogs and would do anything for them.  We all know your television talk show was a hit for women between the ages of 40 and death.  We can't forget the gay guys either.  You give them support and make their day!  We all know that your started your own production company and studio Harpo Studio's.  If you didn't know Ms. Winfrey that is Oprah spelled backwards!  Thats pretty neat.
   We know you started a few careers for some friends of yours.  Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and the Doctors.  You must really like doctors!  I mean the bald head cocksucker Dr.Phil has really grown in fan support over the years.  Even if is a pompus fuck people still watch his show!  Good for him.
    You ma'am, are a God send to the rich and famous.  With all of this going on, you've been able to assembe quite the wealth also.  Last reports say you are worth over a billion dollars.  I don't know if you know this or not but that's more fucking money then Jed Clampett ever thought of having!  In a word Ms. Winfrey your the "shit"!
   Now here's where it gets nutty.  After giving away more free shit over the last year, you decide to retire from your talk show.  God bless you and happy retirement!  Well hell, I just realised that now your ass is getting really fucking greedy!  You've just started your own goddamn motherfucking NETWORK!  It's call OWN.  The Oprah Winfrey Network.  OWN!  Thats a catchy network name.
   It's pretty catchy in a selfish way.  I've got to be honest here ma'am.  You make me want to puke.  Not because your famous and rich.  Because you personally don't give two flying fucks about anyone but yourself.  It's really obvious when you start a network and name it after yourself.  Are you out to make money with this network?  If you say no ma'am then your a liar.  Why more money Oprah?  Your already a fucking billionaire.  Isn't that enough?  Or is it to make sure your only friends have jobs?  Tell them to go to the goddamn unemployment office and find work!
  Ms. Winfrey I hope this little letter finds you and your family healthy and happy.  Otherwise take your fucking new network and shove it up your fat ass.  :)

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