Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's up with the NFL Conference Championship Trophy's?

  Ok, whats up with this shit of changing the NFL Conference Championship Trophy's?  Who's the fucking idiot who decided this?  The picture to the left show's former New England Patriot Teddy Brusci carrying the former trophy.  A classy one with tons of tradition.
    I'm watching the NFC Championship today between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears.  Green Bay kicks Chicago's ass and wins the game.  All right!  Trophy time people.  Then they bring out the gayest trophy ever to grace the NFL.  
   I'm looking at this piece of shit wondering what the hell is going on.  If NFL commisioner Roger Goodell ok'd this then he's a fucking idiot! This trophy doesn't show toughness!  This trophy doesn't show down right mean football!  All it shows is some artsy fartsy homo erotic martini drinking bullshit!
    Football isn't about art!  Football isn't about looking good!  Football isn't about queers!  Football is about mano v mano!  It's about playing tough games with a win or loss in your future.  It's about kicking the man across from you ass!  It's about blood, sweet and tears!  Give these deserving men a goddamn MAN'S trophy!  Not this shit that wants you to put on a tu-tu and sing Barbera Streisand!  FUCK THAT!
    I'm a huge fan of football and I don't need this shit to ruin my day.  Come Super Bowl Sunday, I want a great game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  May the best team win.  I will say this.... If I see the winner get some kind of "fairy" trophy I will get ahold of the NFL corperate offices and bitch like no body ever has!  Football is a man's sport!  It's not for some "tulip" wanting to "pretty" it up!

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