Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bowl Game Swag.

  With all the hard work a Division 1 college football player does during the season and off season it can pay off really nice.  You bust your ass during the season giving out 100% effort every day.  Your goal is a winning season and a possible bowl game.
   If your fortunate to get to a bowl game and or even the National Championship Bowl Game, there is alot on the line for you and your university.  With you getting to a bowl game you earn your school more enrollment from fans of the football program.  
   Your university gets more donations from it's boosters.  Your university gets more tv time which makes them more money from the networks.  With your dedication and hard work your university is going to make millions up millions of dollars for getting to a bowl game.  If by chance you get to a bowl game, you will not be forgotten.  For a long time now bowl sponsors can give out a gift for the football players.  
   It used to be that a bowl game would give a jacket, watch or something else to the players as a gift for participating.  Now this has gone big time with the gifts.  The NCAA says that a bowl game can give out presents valued up to $500.00 dollars.  The conferences can also give up to $350.00 to it's respective members for making a bowl game.  Now your up to $850.00 dollars worth of presents for your hard work and determination.  That's a nice payoff.
     Some of the presents you can get are watches, ipods, xbox's, boots, belt buckles, gift cards and such.  The newest thing for the bowl games is to have suites where you get a certain amount of points to "buy" what you want.  They have items laid out and you buy them with your points.  You'll have plenty of choices to choose from.  
    A new trend is to have the bowl games give out gift cards.  Players love "Best Buy" gift cards.  You can go into the store and purchase anything you really want.  That way everyone is feeling good about their bowl experience.  I'm all for this practice of "taking" care of the players during their bowl experience.  The sacrifices they give to the university is something that needs to addressed.
    NOW if I could only get some of that swag my life would be complete!

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