Monday, January 3, 2011

What ya going to do Andrew?

  As I sit here watching the Orange Bowl I began to wonder about some of the underclassmen that have a nice shot at the NFL.  I'm sitting here watching the Heisman Trophy runner up Andrew Luck just dismantle The Virginia Tech Hokies.
   It's been reported more then once that if Luck wants to go pro after his sophomore season he could be and most likely will be the number one draft choice of the Carolina Panthers.  If he goes pro and is the number one choice, your looking at a 60 million dollar contract.
    What to do?  Do you sit back and come back to college to try and win the Heisman and quite possibly a National Championship?  Or do you run and take the money?  There's a serious chance that there could be an NFL owners lockout next season.  There's also a serious chance that Luck's college coach might take another job somewhere else.  What the hell do you do?
    Here's his vitals.  6'4" 235lbs  We know he's smart.  He's going to Stanford for Christ's sake.  One of the top academic colleges in the world.  He's got an arm like no other.  He can run really fast for a big quarterback.  His father is a former NFL quarterback.  Nice resume if I must say so.  As I watch him, I can see him easily starting in the NFL as a rookie.  I can see him succeeding in the NFL very easily.  It might take him 2 to 5 years to really show some results but he will succeed!
    Do you take the bait (money) and go pro or do you try for that Heisman?  Do you try and get that National Championship?  If i'm him, I'm torn on what to do.  I know what I'd do.  I'd get with someone in the NFL and find out what's going to happen with the lockout.  I'd be getting with my head coach Jim Harbaugh and see what his plans are.  
    If there is a lockout and Harbaugh leaves, I'm going pro.  If there is no lockout and Harbaugh stays, I come back to Stanford.  If there is no lockout and Harbaugh leaves.  See ya motherfuckers.  I'd make sure the door doesn't hit me in the ass on the way out.  Andrew Luck has all the tools to be an NFL Hall of Famer.  Let's just hope he makes the right decision.
     As mentioned before, Luck is a smart young man.  He'll end up doing the right thing.  Staying or leaving, he'll end up making some serious coin at the next level!  Good luck Andrew!

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