Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's happening in the Big House?

  What's going on in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the Big House?  The home to Michigan Wolverine football.  You 3 seasons ago you let go of a very successful football coach because he isn't winning national championships at a record pace.
   You then hire a guy from West Virginia because he's the flavor of the week.  A quasi coach from a crap football school out east.  He might have won a BIG EAST CHAMPIONSHIP but the Big East isn't the BIG10!
   You were spoiled for over 30 years of college football Michigan. You had the mighty Bo as your coach since before time started.  You then hire local boy Lloyd Carr who brings your programs wins plus respect.  Then you get greedy!  You want all the national championships that are out there.  I can understand that.  My problem is that you ran off Lloyd Carr for being a winner.  Seems pretty damn stupid to me.
     You ran off a man of character.  You ran off a man who ran a clean program and won over 80% of the games he coached.  His teams weren't put on probation.  His teams went to BCS bowl games and the Rose Bowl.   His team performed week in and week out!  Then you run the poor son of a bitch off.  God bless you alumni and boosters.  Guess what?  Sometimes change isn't always good.
      You bring in the Mountaineer Rich Rodriguez.  First thing RichRod does is lose.  Second thing RichRod does is get your asses put on probation with violations of stupidity.  RichRod tries to bring in an offense that needs different athletes then what were in Ann Arbor.  That shit aint gonna fly people!  You finally get to a bowl game in his 3rd season but get your asses kicked so bad it's the worst beating in all of Michigan bowl history.  
     Now you've pushed RichRod to the curb. (along with 2.5million)  What are you going to do now?  We all know you want Jim Harbaugh to come over from Stanford.  Your thinking that the former star quarterback can put the program over the edge!  You right, he can!  Problem is... He's most likely going to coach in the NFL.  You better get a name coach people.  You better go big time or your going to lose more then a few games.  It will take you years to right the ship if you don't go big.  
      Good luck to you Wolverines.  Fix it now or enjoy the bottom of Big10!

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