Monday, January 24, 2011

Is Charles Manson a genius?

    Born November 12th, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Today he would be 76 years old still trying to get out of prison.  This is Charles Manson.  A man who was able to brain wash people into doing his evil adventures.  This kind of reminds me of another gentleman named Adolph Hitler who was able to get an entire country to back him up with his ridiculous ways.
    Born in Cincinnati, Ohio to a 16 year old whore, Manson never knew his father.  He was given the last name of Manson because his mother had been fucking some guy named William Manson.  It seems his father was a man named "Colonel Scott".  It's a possibility that Manson's father was a black man who'm the whore mother had sex with while underage.  Years later when confronted about this, Manson denied that a black man could have ever fathered him.
    Manson's mother was once known to have tried selling Charles for a pitcher of beer.  Now if that's not fucked up, I don't know what is!  After his drunken whore of a mother got arrested with her piece of shit brother Manson is put in his aunt and uncles home.  Three years later Manson's mother retrieved him.  In 1947, his mother tried to put Charles in a foster home.  There were no homes for him to go to so he was put in the Gibault School For Boys.
   After 10 months Manson fled to be with his mother.  It's now that he had a ton of run ins with the law.  He did some penny anti shit by robbing grocery stores and such.  After some time in prison for robbery Manson moved to San Francisco, California.  With a friends help, he moved into an apartment in Berkley, California.  It's there met a young lady named Mary Brunner.  They seemed to hit it off and got along well.  He moved in with her after some resistance.  People think his mother made him weary of women all together.  He soon got over it.  By the time him and Mary had broken up, there were 18 other women living in this apartment.
     Soon after this, Charles had moved to southern California to find himself.  He befriended singer songwriter of the famed Beach Boys, Dennis Wilson.  He was getting high on drugs and had no worries in the world.  It's then he befriended alot more people and moved to a place called Spahn Ranch.  It's there were drugs and drink were availabe at all times.  It's there were he made love to any woman he wanted.  "Charlie" was the KING of the ranch and had his way for anything.
   After some time, Charlie decided innocent people needed to pay for their sins.  He had his "people" of Spahn Ranch go out and kill.  This is when the beautiful Sharon Tate was murdered as she was pregnant with director Roman Polanski's baby.  It made world headlines.  Here's where I question if this man was a genius.  While in jail, he had hundreds of people causing problems for the Los Angeles, California police department.  While in jail, he had people still killing for him.
    He had people carving swastika's in their foreheads.  He had people years after he was put in prison trying to kill the president!  He still has at the age of 76 people who will die or kill for him.  What the fuck?  This man has the power to change society just like Adolph Hitler and others.  If by chance you ever get to watch a parole hearing of his, DO IT!  This motherfucker is crazy as all get out and at 76 still scares the shit out of people.  Was he an inhumane person?  Fuck yeah he was!  He still is today!  Was he the type of guy to be scared of ?  Fuck yes he was!  Still is today at the age of 76!  Was he a genius?  Fuck yes he was!  Still is today!

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