Sunday, January 9, 2011

The making of a National Championship Team.

  Here it comes.  Less then 24 hours we'll find out who the NCAA BCS National Championship Football Team will be.  We have Auburn University vs. The University of Oregon.  My lord above this could be an ESPN Instant Classic.  Both teams come in undefeated and look motivated.
   You have two different style of coaches.  You have Chip Kelly at Oregon who wins with class and teaches his principles about football along with his principles about life.  He's about more then football.  He's about life lessons.  Yes, he wants to win games, thats his job.  He also wants to help people to succeed in life.  He's a true gentleman of the game.
  Then there's the Auburn head coach Gene Chizik.  He's pretty much a low life who doesn't care about how his players get along after he whores them out.  Hell, it's almost been proven and soon will be that he pays for his best players.  Think Cam Newton.  This is a man who was given his first chance at being a head coach at Iowa State University.  He was given the keys to the city and truly fucked over not only a city but a whole university.
   Here's a man who came from Texas as an assistant coach with much regard around the NCAA.  Infact, he won a national title while defensive coordinator there.  He even won the assistant coach of the year before he came to Iowa State University.  At Iowa State he was given a starting salary of $1.1 million a year.  That has never been heard of before for any coach at ISU. Even in Dan McCarney's prime, he was just at that level.
  Gene gets to ISU and proceeds to do nothing but lose.  This is after promising the world to Cyclone fans.  Infact he told everyone within shouting distance that he wanted to be a Cyclone for life!  He loved ISU.  He loved the school.  He loved the city.  He loved the state and he wanted to do nothing more then kick the shit out of the Iowa Hawkeyes.  
   His first year in Ames, Iowa his coaching brought him a stellar 3-9 record.  After the season he called that a stepping stone for the future.  Things were going to get right in Ames as soon as possible he said.  He tells people he's working overtime during the off season because he's going to make some serious waves in Ames, Iowa.  He's bringing in the top recruits possible.  He's going to help ISU get over the hump!  He's got it going on!
    Next thing you know the new season starts.  Gene's all kind of pumped up!  He's looking for a bowl bid even before the first game.  He's making the Cyclone faithful sit on the edge of their seats!  God Bless Gene Chizik!  Guess what happens?  Gene and his really good coaching staff go 2-10 for the season.  I guess he's really good at blowing smoke up my fucking ass!  He should have his own porn site with this kind of expertise.  
   After the season Gene plays the bullshit suckass card and tells the supporters how he's going to make this up and look for brighter days out of the Clones!  HEY HEY HEY!  You wanna know what happens next?  You sure?  Well here it goes.  One day Gene gets a call.  It's a call from one of his former employers.  Auburn University.  The call goes something like this.  "Gene whats up dog?"  "Nothing, just chilling in the cold of Iowa.  you?"  "We might have an opening up for coach you down?"  "Fuck yeah I am!"  "Lets make it happen homie!"
   There ya go.  Gene's on a plane to Auburn, Alabama and he's introduced as the new head coach at Auburn.  Who in their right mind hires this fuck?  His career record is now 5 wins and 19 losses at Iowa State University.  What in God's name are the people of Auburn thinking boosters and fans alike want to know.
    After his first year at Auburn Gene Chizik goes 8-5 for the year.  Hmmm Not so fucking good at an establishment like Auburn in my opinion.  Fans and boosters are getting more pissed off.  Then here comes Cam.  Yes THE Cam.  Cam Newton shows up on campus this year.. Next thing we know Auburn is sitting at 13-0 going into the BCS National Championship Game.  Before this game without Cam Newton, Chizik's career record was 13-24 overall.  Even with Cam Newton his record is only 26-24 overall.  
   What's that tell me?  Chizik knows how to buy players and not so much coach.  Hell I could win 7 games with Newton at quarterback and me not knowing a goddamn thing about football.  It's that fucking simple people!  The moral of the story is this.  Gene Chizik is a punk fuck bitch.  He can't recruit with paying players.  His overall record is shit.  He isn't a man of his word.  He's a straight up liar.  He's a whore of the game!  His wife and him need to find God or something because there's a good chance they could go to Hell for their actions!  Gene Chizik is a straight up puke who doesn't care about his past.  It's all about his future!
                                           GO DUCKS!

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