Monday, January 10, 2011

After tonight's BCS National Championship game, Cam Newton has reported that he will announce if he is going pro or not. After watching this 6'5" 250lb quarterback all season I'm here to encourage him to do so. If he wins the National Title, then he has nothing left to prove. Earlier this year he won the coveted Heisman Trophy with ease.
Newton has been dogged all season by rumors (found true) that his father pimped him out to to highest bidder. Mississippi State ratted out the older Newton and now the NCAA is about ready to jump all over this rumor.
Cam, you've done things at the college level I've never seen a quarterback ever do before. You made Tim Tebow look like a junior high player. You scared the shit out of defensive coordinator's all over the country. You've made it look to easy. I'm figuring that you will easily go in the first round of the NFL draft this spring. You won't be the first quarterback taken but that's ok sir.
You claim that you knew nothing about any payments to your father. Personally, I don't believe you one bit. That's just my opinion, nothing more. After this season, I personally see a HUGE scandal erupting all over the college football world. Your seen Pete Carroll jump ship after last season at USC. Urban Meyer just "retired" again from Florida. We're in for a fall out all over the NCAA.
I find it funny that Urban Meyer retired for basically no reason other then Cam Newton played at Florida for one season and suddenly quit the team after being accused of stealing a laptop while on campus. There's more to the story. Let's wait for the fall out. If your smart Cam and I think you are. You put your name in for the NFL draft right after the game tonight. You get a job playing pro then watch as the NCAA strips you of your Heisman and your team of it's wins for this season.
Watch for Florida to fall apart also. Something was terribly wrong in Gainesville or Meyer would have never left. Get your NFL cleats on Cam and make something of yourself.


  1. What happened to your Oregon Ducks? GO TIGERS and GO SEC!